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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

More arrived in my inbox this morning that reminded me of blessings surrounding me. The retail world bombards me at every turn. Dave and I have already decided to simply pay the mortgage for a couple months as presents for each other for our anniversary and Christmas and feel blessed to have a home for our family. I know, I know… exciting. But we do feel so blessed to have a home, and four healthy children. And… Ralph Waldo Emmerson sums it up beautifully:


To laugh often and much;
to win the respect of intelligent people
and the affection of children;
to earn the appreciation of honest critics
and endure the betrayal of false friends;
to appreciate beauty,
to find the best in others;
to leave the world a bit better,
whether by a healthy child, a garden patch
or a redeemed social condition;
to know even one life has breathed
easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


I got reaquainted with my blog the other day while frantically searching for a photo. (I miss this blog and hope to become better acquainted with it again in 2011 🙂 But that is another story…)

Tuesday evening… 5:45 pm… close to time to head home and I get a phone call from my 7 year old. “Mom, can you please print me 7 photos?” the faint voice says sweetly.

“Sure, Honey. Can I do this in the morning and we can talk tonight at home about which photos you want me to print while we eat dinner?” Silence on the other end of the line shows me the disapproval is pending…

“But mom… the speech teacher is going to give me $20 speech dollars and this is VERY important and I need to have a picture of Feliz (our dog) and of Dad and of our family and and and…” His voice trailed of and he was very disappointed.

I was tired but I was not stupid. I could choose to go home but it would not be a good evening. Chaos would ensue and unhappiness would reign. My 20 minutes of hunting and printing would make for an enjoyable evening of his poster making at home. I began to hunt for photos while he talked me through what fit the description of his speech poster images in his head.

He and I had been telling stories the night before about the very special day in the hospital when he and his sister arrived in this world and how his grandparents had brought his two big brothers, Zach and Noah to greet them as newborns. It was a special moment. Only 30 minutes old, they were introduced to them and allowed to hold them, once swaddled into receiving blankets.

At a conference last week on research on newborns, I learned that the first four hours after birth, babies are the MOST alert they will be for THREE weeks. It is a magical window of time in their brain development and sensory input. Just hearing that statistic brought tears to my eyes thinking about this photo, and the special moment my four children had experienced serendipitously. How blessed they were to have bonded in that time and how they will always will be to have each other.

2010 has been an incredibly challenging year on many levels. Yet, through it all, we have learned, no matter what happens, we have each other. I hope my children will always grow up knowing that as well. No matter what, they will always have each other as well.

In this season of hustle and bustle of here and there and getting this and that… running to and fro… Remember… it is what we have within and what we have to give of ourselves to others that is the most important. It is my family, my children, and my friends that I find most comfort in this holiday season.

A Heartfelt Merry Christmas & Cheers to a wonderful, bountiful 2011!

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duck… duck.. no wait… GOOSE! Goose eggs… a WHOLE big pile of them… at least 1 dozen… all safe in a nest. The goose looked more like a pelican but everyone called it a goose and we were very excited to watch the nest on the screened-in porch. I’m not quite sure how the goose got in there to build a next in the first place or where she came from or where she was at the time… but there it was…a giant nest full of big oblong white eggs.

Then… I woke up. It was still early. 4:30 am…and I could picture the eggs and the nest and the setting as if it was something that had been right in front of me moments before. I told my daughter Rachel who was with me early in the morning getting ready for school about the nest and she was quite excited. We both wondered what it meaned and she asked me all sorts of questions about the look of the nest and the bird.

At work, I shared the dream with my colleague. She was on Google looking up dream symbols before I could blink! The findings were incredibily encouraging 🙂

To dream of finding a nest of eggs, denotes wealth of a substantial character, happiness among the married and many children. To see broken eggs and they are fresh, fortune is ready to shower upon you her richest gifts. A lofty spirit and high regard for justice will make you beloved by the world. To see a crate of eggs, denotes that you will engage in profitable speculations. To see bird eggs, signifies legacies from distant relations, or gain from an unexpected rise in staple products.

Pelican:Pelicans in a dream are a symbol of prosperity through sensible frugality.

This past school year has been a wild ride and we have about 2 weeks left before we launch into a slower-paced summer season. No one is counting down faster than I am! Budget meetings and staffing and work all seem like eggs in that dream. I am handling them so very carefully and hoping for the very very best… wait… I’m PLANNING on the very very best. Change is inevitable but there are always new nests of eggs to find and I am planning on the one from my dreams being symbolic and positive and a Godsend for the weeks to come.


I looked up today and realized it was almost the end of March. When did that happen? When did the world hit the fast forward button and wake me up with only a few days until April?

I took a closer look at the image I had placed in the header of my blog and realized it was more fitting than I ever had imagined. Somehow, hanging onto a giant leaf, on the edge of a giant world, seems so poetic and fitting for the time that has escaped me over the past few months.

I took a trip across the country over the weekend. It was fast. It was very rewarding on many levels. And it let me press the pause button for life in Arizona. For just a minute I was suspended in time and able to sleep and breathe and just think of really… well… nothing more than what kind of coffee I would like to order from Starbucks and whether or not I should take an extra pen from the table with Ronald Reagan’s name on it for my colleague that loves and admires the man so.

The pause button put an interesting thing into play. As I returned to my regularily scheduled programming, as they call it in tv land, I slept. I re-emerged slowly. I enjoyed. I snuggled my family. I took a day at home to have the WHOLE HOUSE to myself. I savored the accomplishments of my family last week with regards to our garage. I sat on the couch. I watched some of my shows I had DVR’d. I just was.

Today I returned to work feeling a little off kilter. I was pleased with the award I carried into the office in my bag. I was happy to share some ideas and talk about next steps on a few projects. I had a great meeting where I didn’t even take notes, my great new outreach specialist did the honors. And… we just laughed. It was a work day very unlike some. It was full of email and things to do but nothing on fire and nothing near death.

I’m home now. My feet are up. My kids are all just being. My daughter is showing me how a heart works using a balloon filled with a small bit of air. I have found my way back to my blog and celebrating just being.

I found a Dixie Chicks CD in the car on the way home and belted out a few of my favorites. It felt good. The sunset was typical Arizona beautiful and Venus was just appearing in the twilight. The springtime air is full of delicious smells and as I pull into the driveway I find the windows open… breathing in… enjoying what is to be had of glorious March in Arizona. The desert can be so beautiful. The world can sometimes all seem so right.

Cycles of life continue on and I find myself just savoring all that is. Decompression is a good thing. Sometimes you just run out of the stress that makes you tick faster and faster. Once that source is gone… you find out what is at the core and what really matters. I know where I’m going. I love what I’m doing. Breathe deeply… decompress… and see if you might find there are answers in that breeze and that silence and in that incredible springtime air.

Greeters, Docent and Tour Guide overview session Saturday February 27 at 4 pm SLT.

Volunteer Opportunities for New Resident Orientation and Socials

New Resident Orientation – this is helping out at the Rockcliffe Gateway with first time users of SL.

Social Sim Greeter – this is a VWBPE Central greeting, giving info on sessions and resources on conference and basic SL questions.

SWAG Docent – helping newer residents use resources, tools and objects in their swag bags.We have a sim set aside on Social to do this.

Social Event Greeters – A number of our social events have requested greeters. These are at designated social times.

We’ll be doing an overview of how these volunteer positions will work and do sign-ups. We’ll also sending out an email to anyone who signed up on the volunteer survey to make sure that they can still do the hours they signed up for earlier.

Virtual World tours guides and Docents will meet at a later date. If you are interested in helping with developing the material, assisting people to get inworld or doing the tours please email

Reaction Grid
Forbidden City
Quest Atlantis
World of Warcraft
Club Penguin
Habbo Hotel
City of Heroes

Chinese New Year... Incredible Second Life Travel

Sometimes there are things in Second Life that just take your breath away. This, was one of them. Kimmer got the announcement as an optional event to attend as part of Virtual Pioneers. Incredible find. Thank you to Spiff Whitfield, my afternoon improved for the better.

Elektra joined me and even knew how to cheer in Chinese! Nothing better than attending a worldly celebration with your wolf-friend from Italy!

Moira joined us then and captured things on film with me. She has a fancier computer than me so I have to envy her graphics. Either way… it is always fun to have a New Zealand photographer/minister join in the occaision!

Good afternoon? How can it not! It is the year of the Tiger!

Sad that WordPress won't embed the original flash wiget!

*shakes fist at WordPress*

Kmbflack’s Geek Chart

A fun thing… to see where you spend your time. I already sent them a note to ask when Second Life was going to be added. Maybe we need multiple usernames for different programs as well. Either way… a pie chart is always a good thing! And speaking of pie… that leads to needing something to drink. Why not consider milk?

I couldn’t sleep after 3 am today and found the most interesting things online. Monster Milktruck? When will THAT get added to Geekchart 🙂

In a stunning combination of GoogleEarth and a milk truck that seemed to have driven itself right out of Second Life, I was able to explore some of my day to day “Real” life. The only criticism I have to share is that my building still shows under construction even though we have been moved in for over a year. Come on Google!

Ok… I will now drag my sleep deprived self back to bed to catch a few more zzzzzz’s.