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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

SLife, as RLife, is far too short to not make amends. I have learned that you can only take responsibility for what you have done – not what others have done. You can offer an olive branch and hope that it is received. It is a skill we work on from the moment we learn that all the toys aren’t ours when we are 2 years old, and continually after that throughout our lives. Anyone who thinks he or she has all the answers and knows all the formulas is just deluding himself or herself. Apologies must be given from the heart. Also, one accepting an apology must have an open heart.

Apologies have been scripted by counselors for years as a way to assist those not able to articulate their thoughts effectively. It is disheartening when some feel heartfelt apologies must resemble some sort of Mad Lib. To those who author the real deal Mad Libs – I apologize for insulting your great resource for kids. To you who attempts to author “Mad Lib Apologies” in multiple genres, please move on. Let it go. Find another blogger to respond to. Hold up a mirror and ask yourself, “What in the world did I forget to apologize about myself? Maybe I should be exploring the best ways to put my expertise to work – with my preferred Mad Lib Script or not?”


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