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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

DISCLAIMER: Ok… time to lighten up. Find some posting real estate a little less preachy… Let me know if this does the trick…

Up until now I have been thinking about all the things that make us universally human – in SLife – and RLife. However, a colleague and friend of mine sent me this nugget in email today and it was TOO good to not share. He rarely sends things unless work related – so I knew when his name appeared beside a non-work subject line – it WOULD be good.

As you watch and laugh – think about how you wire your SL avi 🙂 Are you a keeper of a nothing box?

Click here – quick clip about men’s & women’s brains – in a not-so-serious way.

I had to include this picture from my SL travels because I believe it is me who has come to the Psychiatry Booth to find that no one is in, despite the sign. Maybe that is my cue to lighten up and just laugh. Laugher can be the best medicine!


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