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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I am continually amazed by the generousity and kindness on SL. I have been fortunate to have several experiences where people went out of their way to be helpful to me, even though I didn’t know them. Today, however, I experienced a new facet of the support network on SL.

I put in my profile online earlier in the week a note in my picks about Sandy Clary, creator extraordinarre of Pillow Talk. I might have included it in a blog post as well – but since my memory is extremely short today – I’ll not commit. Anyway… She had sent out a note about her pending surgery to remove a large brain tumor and – not to alarm her group – but rather give her customers a point of contact if they had concerns or questions about her products. Totally amazing. But, it doesn’t stop there.

This afternoon she posted a simply message. It was something along the lines of “Please don’t forget me while I’m gone.” I was stunned. How in the world would we forget her? Almost immediately, some replied wishing her well. I couldn’t help but do the same. I saved the posts to show how amazing the kindness of strangers can be:

[13:05] Ande Slade: god bless you sandy, my prayers are with you
[13:06] Stormy Moonlight: Mine as well all of us are are rooting for you!
[13:06] AprilStars Flannery: Gods Blessings Sandy, we will NOT forget you, and wait for your quick return~!
[13:06] Suteruni Susanto: mine are wth you too Sandy, Im not sure what is wrong , but be back soon , huggsss!!
[13:07] Kimala Kohime: good thoughts and prayers are with you Sandy – hurry back to us in SL!
[13:07] Minea Auer: you’re in my thoughts, Sandy ❤
[13:07] AprilStars Flannery: We will tightly hug your pillows till you get back and start with some new designs…” Hugs n Prayers”
[13:07] Aryon Dagger sends angels and good thoughts to watch over Sandy and her family at this time and always. God speed, Sandy.
[13:07] Belle Milland: Best wishes Sandy 🙂 you will be in all our thoughts 🙂
[13:08] Soleil Beam: our hearts and prayers are with you for a swift revovery . . . god be with you and guide your surgeon . . . god bless
[13:09] nadira Bailey: my prayers are with you as are my Masters sandy…see you when You return to us
[13:09] nadira Bailey: my prayers and good thoughts to you sandy as are my Masters thoughts and prayers with you
[13:13] Sabrina Hoyer: Prayers and wishes for the best Sandy…hb

I’m familiar with RL prayer chains. They can be powerful things. My husband’s parent’s church has a notoriously successful prayer chain 🙂 at least when it comes to the requests we have made for our friends and family needing spiritual support through illness and surgery. They have an A+ record. I’m sure there are other prayer chains that are equally powerful. Collectively sending good thoughts and prayers can make a huge difference. If you don’t believe me, I dare you… try it 🙂

Anyway, there are so many silly things that happen on group IMs, and so many maddening things that happen on group IMs, and spam and and and… BUT, how often, do you see that kind of outpouring. SL is an amazing connector of human beings from all over the world. Today was a day that I was really proud to be a part of the SL community.


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