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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

So what should you do with all that extra time on your hands in SL? Are you bored with your look? Have you bought every kind of hair that could possibly look good on your avitar and changed your skin at least 9 times? Are you feeling like everywhere you look you see the same kinds of clothes, shoes, everything?

Long slow sigh.

Well let me tell you… this girl I found listened to all my sorrows. She offered me a new perspective. She and I had the ultimate cup of coffee and set off to fix her up. She is giant. She used to be a he 😉 She is a he… wait… I’m confusing myself.

See it all started like this…

First… BigD decided he would get a job. He blogged about this a few posts ago… He decided on a whim that it would be fun to try and now he is an official Sexy Bee Dancer for The Bee Hive – go figure! Bring in those big bucks baby!

He’s had a full week or two now at that. He is a very competitive soul and found that bringing in the Lindens while talking to clubbers in sexy ways might just be his thing. Go figure 😉 But then… a challenge… a NEW challenge could not be ignored.This DJ we know and love decided he needed to be a She. He/She actually has done this on several occaisions and even blogged recently I guess these major life changes are worth blogging about 🙂 be it RL or SL major changes… but I digress.

The ultimate gender bender equation shaped up in a matter of moments… fumbling with inventory… a few shouts out of “where the hell did I put that?” and “what was that called again?”… and… wa la.. Competitive BigD + DJ turned DJette = SheD.
But… before you get too critical on poor SheD’s look you must know that she enjoyed a night out with Ette and I after the club closed. We got her some respectable hair and some slutty clothes and another SL beauty was born: a giant sexy girl. SheD teleported into a SIM today landing a little to close to some guy and got a “WOW” out of the mouth of that guy. I think that just might be a compliment.

So what the heck is the point of all this craziness? Boredom is a state of mind. If you are bored on SL, I encourage you to go out and find yourself a big girl, or find yourself a job, or explore various shapes and sizes that you would never dream of being in RL. Remember that ultimately SL is a role-play sim. It is a game. Most of us here take ourselves WAY too seriously most of the time. Most of us get so hung up in dreaming it into something else we forget to just let loose and HOOO! Hugs to those crazy SL He/Shes I love so much! And hey… can I borrow those boots some time?

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