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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

At the end of a long week, it is nice to just make it to Friday. Wake up Friday morning and know you can face the day because it is the final inning – and a double dose of days off awaits. Even if it is an action packed weekend, it means a commute is not needed and a little bit of extra sleep may be had. (ok who am I fooling – I never get extra sleep!)

But yesterday was not like any other Friday. Yesterday ended up having an event in it that struck a chord… a good one 😉

Some of you know about my kids. My middle son, Noah, is in 4th grade. It has been a challenging year for him – being in the elementary school for the first time without the watchful eye of his big brother who started middle school, being the one who has to really face homework this year that gets graded for accuracy, being the one who is home first in the afternoon and has responsibilities beyond just flopping in front of the tv, the PS2 or the computer. We joke sometimes that Noah is 10 going on 45. He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is extremely creative and can craft a tale with the best of them (which can also be a challenge when it comes to being his parent). So… on this Friday, Noah was surprised with 4th grade Student of the Month. He was soooooo excited. His parents and grandparents were excited too, and his big brother was even invited to go to school late so he could go to the assembly with us all to Hooo it up.

So if you haven’t been to an RL school assembly recently – let me just share – that the teachers are just as warm and friendly as you remember in elementary school, and school spirit still runs rampant, and patriotism too for that matter. When was the last time you said the Pledge of Allegiance? Or sang the Star Spangled Banner? How about accompanied by a children’s chorus and 600 other elementary kids, a few parents and full team of teachers and administrators? I have to tell you – it strikes a chord. It makes you stop and think about the fact that it is a universal experience for kids in our nation. And, how fortunate we are to have the teachers and schools we do in our country. And, more importantly, those two entities – teachers and schools – get so little GOOD publicity and thanks. Kids aren’t always honored as they should be either for that matter. It’s hard to be a kid these days.

Anyway, I have written about my other kids in other posts and decided it was way overdue for me to give Noah some airtime. He is an amazing kid and let me tell you – he is pretty handy at SL too when it comes to editing. Yes, he has had the mishap of deleting the bottom level of our lighthouse (UGH) but he can also be a huge help in editing clothing or shapes when his dad is needing some help. Most importantly, he is a good kid all around and a great brother. See how patient he is posing with his big brother Zach (hee hee).

So my Friday began with the usual out the door chaos, but followed with this Student of the Month Assembly. The kids even have little pom poms in school colors they wave and cheer when someone is awarded. And, the best part is – they have a school song with a rockin sountrack 🙂 The chorus leads it – gospel style with clapping and dancing – and the student body sings along. Everyone is singing and everyone is smiling. “Thunderbird Code” Nothin like it 🙂 They are the Thunderbirds because they are close to Luke Air Force Base and serve that student population of Air Force families as well. Next time you are in the area on the last Friday of the month, I highly recommend you drop in for a dose of patriotism and a pick-me-up.

Finally, I must tie it all up and connect this somehow with SL because this is a blog called reSiLience in honor of SL, right? I thought about how it all fit yesterday to and from work as I inched my way across the Valley of the Sun. I thought about why I first came to SL and it was because of education. The guru of the Internet in terms of teachers is Kathy Schrock. She was the first to have an amazing website in the early 90’s (Kathy Schrock’s Guide For Educators – now hosted by Discovery Education) and now a leader in the SL education scene. If you want to see what is headed your way as a parent with a future student (a digital native btw), take time to explore Kathy’s website and SIM on SL, called Lighthouse Learning. Education is just now trying to figure out how in the world SL can play a role in teacher professional development and learning communities. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see those ideas bringing educators to SL. I bet you they’ll pull up a chair at happy hour and whoop it up in a club to dance some too – teachers are a crazy bunch.

So… my Friday scattered thoughts turned into a rambling Saturday post… but I appreciate you sticking with me. I hope you will take some time to remember the teachers in your life that you loved, and that may have changed your life, and I also hope you take the time to do something a little patriotic. In a world where we are bombarded with a plummeting economy, a 3 ring circus of primary campaigning and a war waging overseas where the death and injury tolls continue to climb – take some time to be patriotic and remember the people doing good things day to day in our own country. We do have a lot to feel good about. (if nothing else – now it is Saturday 🙂 Hoo!)


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