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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Sunday afternoon. A concert I had been looking forward to all week. Yes, I know it isn’t REALLY U2 🙂 But nonetheless, it is a concert. You know I love concerts.

I had my ticket all ready. I rezzed it this morning to make sure I knew what the directions were. I anticipated my low prim options and prepared mentally to be bald bald bald. To pass the time, Bigd and I did a whirlwind worldwide tour (that was my original blog post plan for the day). Blissie made a couple stops with us. It was shaping up to be a great SL Sunday!

So off I headed at 11:50 am to Dublin – very excited and prepared to remove all my prims (YIKES). To my surprise, I found myself running into an invisible wall. I couldn’t teleport into the stadium. I checked my ticket. It was the right date, right time but sadly I waited among the others hoping to sneak across into the Dublin3 SIM. I did some quick research and IM’d the person who had created the ticket. She didn’t reply, but a colleague of hers did. She was wonderful and got it all figured out for me and next thing I knew – I was in the stadium and U2inSL was on stage!

So I was on my best concert behavior – Hooing only in chat, only singing occaisionally and totally prim free. Silly me – I had deleted all my noob hair. I kept looking for a dance ball – but there was none. Someone offered me noob hair. Then, someone offered me a Raggae dance animation. I was set. I had my spot at the end of the walkway and proceeded to cam all about and shoot hundreds of Lindens of concert pictures.

Then I got an IM and my concert experience in SL that began as stressful and awkward was instantly exactly the opposite!

Staff: Kim
Me: yes
Staff: do you know how to look over an alpha wall with your cam?
Me: um i think so
Staff: if you do alt ctrl T you can see a alpha wall around the stage in front of you – can you do that plz
Me: ok
Staff: you see it?
Me: yes
Staff: you know how to move your cam around that click the screen ect
Me: yes 🙂 i’ve been taking lots of pics
Staff: you know how to get on dance balls? from a distance??
Me: yes 🙂
Staff: wanna dance with Bono?
Me (without hesitation): I would love to!!
Staff: next song – “With or Without You”
Staff: he will come down to the end of the cat walk infront of you
Me: is there a dance ball to click on up there?
Staff: when I say go – get up there – others will jump – you need to be ready ok
Me (beyond excited at this point): ok
Staff: great
Me: i’ll be ready 🙂 – ty so much!!
Staff: you will see the pink and blue balls – get ready
Staff: i will tp you off when done

And I dance, and I find my hands are shaking, and I am laughing at myself for being such an incredible DORK, and yet I am thinking Oh My God – when in the world would I have EVER EVER danced with Bono? God I LOVE SL! And I find composure and sing a little back to Bono in chat – With or Without You and tell him I love U2 and I love you Bono. BigD and Rachel are sitting beside me watching just cracking up at me being so excited and goofy and yet excited for me at the same time.

Then, it is over. As quick and unexpected as it all started. It’s over.

Staff: there – great – hop off
Me: that was awesome – thank you so much!!!! :)- best day ever on SL 🙂
Staff: =) are you dying now lol
Me: i am!! lol
Staff: LOL he’s not the real Bono remember
Me: i just told my husband it is too cool – even dancing with a Bono avi
Me: he’s cracking up too
Staff: mine’s here going so do i have to cook dinner? =/ – 3yrs doing this he still asks
Me: awwww – well thank you so much for all your help today – you are amazing
Staff: yw

And just like that. Both of us were back to RL. Back in my family room, we all laughed and I hoooed it up some more. Bigd spent the rest of the afternoon reminding me – hey – your day has been good – you danced with Bono! And I decided I should go on the road as their concert photographer after opening a Flickr account to upload all my pics. It as fun. It was a crazy fun thing to do. If you get a chance – find a live show on SL. Hoo! (music people, music)

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