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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Ok. I was chastised for not being brave enough yesterday. Late at work. Only one left in the office. Out in the hall… Outside my office door… was a bug. Not just a bug – but a bug-like-spider-like-scorpion thing.

This, frankly, haunts me at night.

I saw one about a year ago or more in our building and was horrified then. The post traumatic stress has not yet left me. At the time though, I was rescued by a brave colleague of mine, of the male variety, who promptly rescued me from my terror and smushed it.

But I digress (although it does give you a good historical perspective on my fear based reaction)…

I killed it. I smushed it with my shoe. My high heeled brown closed toe shoes. It stuck to the bottom. I had a hard time getting it off. I had my face scrunched up the entire time and was internally screaming with all my might.

Please keep in mind – I am fairly brave when it comes to spiders and bugs and mice – but my strategy is to vacuum them up. Then, no part of my body, or thing touching my body has to in anyway be a part of the smushing process. Unfortunately a vacuum was NOT an option.

So – I personally refuse to post a picture – but I will refer you to the picture online – a cross between a spider and a scorpion. Please feel free to be terrified along with me. I would welcome reassurance that I am not alone in my terror. I would also welcome your praise of my personal battle with this bug/spider/whatever.

They say with all the rain we had in Arizona this past winter (note “all the rain” really isn’t THAT much) that we can expect a higher than normal scorpion and mosquito season. I look forward with great fear in my heart to that and all it brings.



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