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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

One of my mantras since I began logging into SL and finding myself there later than I would ever stay up normally, was to say “Goodnight – it is my SL bedtime.” People who knew me from the spank pack (aka Blissie Boucher – not to mention any names) would start to ask me if it was past my SL bedtime as the clock crept past 9 or 9:30 pm SLT (yes, pre-SL days used to find me snoozing in bed with me missing half of the shows I would start to watch – pretty much anything after 8:30 was hit or miss – sad huh?).

So – as the clock ticked later and later – I said my usual round of goodnights and headed back to my little sleepbag seaside. Nothing better than the sound of surf to lull you to sleep. In my goodnight checklist, I decided to share some pleasantries with my next door mountaintop neighbor. The red arrows below show our locations. It is important for those who don’t know SL to realize you must use a “shout” setting to be heard at that distance – and that “shout” allows others around you to also “hear” the conversation.

Please note it all began with a simple comment – I can see you walking around up there Bigd. From that, here is what happened:

[21:55] bigd Flanagan shouts: Good Night Big Brother!!!
[21:56] bigd Flanagan shouts: poor aeryn that misguided chick with a dick
[21:56] You shout: OMG
[21:56] You shout: You sicko!
[21:56] You shout: I love you Bigd πŸ™‚ you sexy SL hunk!
[21:56] You shout: Sleep well in that Sexy Sexy Moxie Bed of yours! Hoooo!
[21:57] bigd Flanagan shouts: Tis late and I’ve banned you from my property
[21:57] You: It’s such a shame you can’t see what finger I’m holding up!
[21:58] bigd Flanagan shouts: I’ll never touch you again HA Ha
[21:58] Kimala Kohime sobs and sobs
bigd Flanagan: I’m donating my poseballs to help island!!!
[21:59] You: Is it wrong that I was TOTALLY aroused by that?
[22:00] bigd Flanagan shouts: Put it in your blog! I’m an open book baby!! Front and back
[22:00] You shout: God I want you! Hoooo!
[22:01] bigd Flanagan shouts: Searching for protective devices now you psycho!!
[22:02] You shout: I’m losing my voice Bigd – I must say goodnight
[22:03] bigd Flanagan shouts: I’m in love with this aeryn chick, sure shje has no hoo, but she has great hygiene and she likes baseball This is goodbye!!
[22:03] bigd Flanagan shouts: I no longer wish to correspond with you!!
[22:04] You: It’s such a shame you can’t see what finger I’m holding up!
[22:04] Kimala Kohime sighs and heads out to bed
[22:04] Kimala Kohime sweet dreams Bigd – i’ll correspond with you again someday I just know it
[22:05] bigd Flanagan shouts: Never I say never It’s all over now!!!
[22:05] Kimala Kohime inserts evil laugh here
[22:06] bigd Flanagan shouts: Damn her hide
[22:09] bigd Flanagan shouts: Goodnight you dangerous woman


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