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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Ok – I lied. I said I was on a mission to blog my creative meanderings until noon. It is 1:35 pm now and where am I? Still multitasking and catching glimpses of online tidbits I must collect.

We watched Juno today. Twice actually. You guys probably know I rarely see movies that don’t involve cartoon characters. Heck, tv for that matter. Today has been a veritable media FEST! Hoo!

Why twice you ask? Because multitasking with my 4 friends causes me to miss parts, and D still hasn’t seen the first half. But – the lines are amazing. Fantastic writing. Great acting. Hip soundtrack. Rach can wiggle to it – what else makes it qualify to be 5 stars! 🙂 So is there any doubt – I decided I must know more!

I stumbled upon the Director’s Blog. At first I thought it might just be media hype. I would still enjoy perusing it – but as I read, I realized, this was not just media hype. This was the real guy – Jason Reitman – right here in black and white type with a few splashes of color thrown in. Ok – I promise you it is not a crush. I do get little crushes on those I become enamored with in the world of media – Rob Thomas anyone? heehee But – this is genuine admiration.

How can you not want to read more when you stumble upon a blog quote like this:

Diablo was in my hotel room yesterday, thumbing through my blog, when she found out that I initially write my blog into Word then copy and paste it into the website. She frowned and explained that real blogging is done directly into the website… “Go Bareback!” she exclaimed as she gave me a look like as though she just caught me polishing a silver tea set. So here I am… going bareback… writing directly into the body of the blog without protection.
~ Justin Reitman

OK… I’ll do my best to put my blogging self away now… for today at least. Go watch Juno. Rent it, buy it, call me and borrow it. Hoo! Somebody let me know when they have captured gesture lines for SL from it (hint Jenda? MacKenzie? Anyone?).


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