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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I’m tired today. Sick and tired LOL. Bill Cosby has a quote from one of his routines years ago that I just loved:

And tired always followed sick. Worst beating I ever got in my life, my mother said, “Well I am just sick,” and I said “And tired.” I don’t remember anything
after that.

Those two words DO go together. Having an almost 5 year old cough in your face is bound to make you sick -even though his cause is asthma. Anyway… I got up out of bed… I got ready for work and hounded my 4 adorable children appropriately to get ready as well. And D… well who knows what time he got up… he had already done laundry and herded kids toward the getting ready process as well. Some days you just have to get up and do it I guess -force your way through the motions to start to move it, move it.

Once I get people out the door, and myself in my car, and start the groove with some music at unspeakable decibles, life becomes good. Things look up and I start to get my day in focus. Today it was Matchbox 20’s “These Hard Times”

These Hard Times Lyrics

Enjoy the video too (I always like those best)

Some days I prefer the shot of Alannis Morrissette. I refer to her CD as my HOV lane minstery because her lyrics and music take me to places I rarely go in my mind without some deep spiritual reflection. But today – “These Hard Times” was just what I needed.

I had a quote that I needed to remember and think about too this morning. In fact, I added it to my profile inworld and wanted to share with you what it means. This came to me as a gift for presenting at an educator conference and the presentation didn’t go all that well. The workshop it self was fine – and the strategies were fantastic – but we were in selling mode not freebie mode – and in the end – it really bothered our educator participants. I think this little book and the big messages it contains made lemonade out of lemons, really.

So – for those of you facing lemons with me today – or feeling sick – or feeling sick and tired – take some time to watch this. Think about where you are at and feel encouraged that all it takes is 1 little extra degree. Really – just the decision to get up out of bed, or not. The decision to turn on the music and let yourself feel better, or not. The decision to love what you were put here to do, or not. I’m still tired, I’m still fighting a cold. But… I’m here. I’m searching for that extra degree deep deep down. Join me?

Flip through the book online.
Watch the movie online.


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