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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

So I have this friend. This girl in NYC who has become the best friend in SL. She has a huge heart too. A few months ago she asked if we’d help her with a charity event. At the time, life got away from me and the best I could do was just attend and enjoy and contribute financially. It benefitted the American Heart Association. She got contributions from various designers to donate proceeds from sales and raffled off fantastic furniture sets and things. I was impressed. I knew she was on to something. SL was on to something. Why not party for charity! We are there dancing and tipping anyway!

So then this Relay for Life thing came along. Blissie suggested we host a week of events to raise money. How could I say no? I have had my grandmother and my mom both touched by cancer. I have lost colleagues to ovarian cancer. So I figured… what do I have to lose? I enjoy SL. I spend Linden after Linden on things for me, and tips for my friends, and fun for myself really. It was high time I spend some Lindens on a cause that is so worthy and so real in our lives… so real in my life.

Busybee Beaver was gracious enough to agree to let us have this week of events at The BeeHive! DJ’s Borday Moo and Crighton Johin donated their talents, spinning tunes and taking requests. Friendly Fire, the notorious SL band of Case Munro and MacKenzie Rasmuson, donated their rocking talents for a live concert – the first ever at The BeeHive! Not to be outdone, designers such as Jenda Starbrook from Moxie, Cataplexia Numbers from Alternate Metaverse, Amylyn Arcadia from Realasm, Meliora Lilliehook from Prim Sophisticate, and Bill Mondegreen from Savoy. MacKenzie Rasmuson also donated from Gestures by Mack. Have I forgotten anyone? If so, please accept my apologize and know I will amend. It is late and my brain is tired.

Doing good feels good. Thank you so much everyone for contributing your Lindens to this great cause. Join us tomorrow nite for more fun – wear your Relay for Life Gear. Friday nite is the auction and a grand finale you won’t want to miss! Cheers to a successful Hump Day! Hoo!


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