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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

There is this little shop on SL that has grown in just under a month. It has grown from one floor to two. It has grown from just a few furniture sets to a whole houseful overflowing of sets. It may just be the best place on SL to buy furniture: MOXIE!

In RL, if I could, I would spend money by the wheelbarrels-full at Pottery Barn. I just love that style, I love their stuff. But, I am a realist. I have 4 kids and I have a champagne tastes on a beer budget. I’ll patiently wait to have my RL Pottery Barn housefull of furniture for some day in the future when life is quieter and my pocketbook is fuller. But… I digress.

Moxie, fresh from the imagination of Jenda Starbrook, brings fun and funky textures and patterns to the most modern and comfortable of SL furniture. She is a contemporary stylist who brings my love of Pillow Talk poses and creativity to bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor settings.

Have you stopped by to spend a few Lindens at Moxie yet? If not, let me give you ANOTHER reason. Jenda jumped on board, without question and without hesitation, to support the Spank Pack/BeeHive Relay for Life Rockers American Cancer Society Event this week. She was the first SL retailer to say MOST DEFINITELY! She was the most patient SL retailer to suffer through my never ending string of questions about how scripts work, how to make the kiosks do this and that, and oh yeah could we try this. She is a great friend and an amazing SL teacher that I wouldn’t want to be without inworld or out! (And pretty darn sexy too -did I mention that? 🙂 well, see below for yourself – you tell me!)

Support Relay for Life and purchase her Breast Cancer Awareness Bear. I wish I had one of these in RL. Jenda – can you make that script come to life for me in RL too? Support Relay for Life with the purchase of a very special edition of her Circ Chairs and Chocolate Cherry Martini Set – designed especially for our event! You KNOW you can’t live without those! Who doesn’t enjoy sitting with a friend on a Friday afternoon and sipping a Chocolate Cherry Martini! Ok… I’m a bit ahead of myself at 8:15 a.m. and a whole RL workday ahead of me. Hold that thought. Save me one… it will be 5 o’clock somewhere soon enough.

In the meantime, thank you Jenda and Moxie; and all the other SL retailers who have helped make this week a success! HOOOOO!


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