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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Happy Rez Day to Me! Happy Rez Day to Me!
(ok… Bigd too… Happy Rez Day Bigd!!) Hoo!

So here I sit – beside my larger than life invitation well crafted by 2 SLfriends I love dearly (imaginary or not – Blissie and Jenda). No… you cannot have the special mini-Moxie picnic blanket and pillows as it is not yet ready for prime time.

Ok… yes… the invitation may be a bit gaudy perhaps. But! You KNOW you want one! Inside is the fabulous collector’s edition of the Rez Day hat by Jenda Starbrook. If you weren’t inworld on my friends list, I wanted to make sure you were invited. And yes, I will share a hat with you upon arrival πŸ™‚ I even have dancing frogs and skeleton top hats too – courtesy of Jenda and Crighton. I tell ya – these imaginary friends – can you beat em? Hoo!

Come by and enjoy the ocean breeze, a narly tube ride, a swim over to some other neighboring open water swim, or dance the afternoon away.

If you don’t yet have a SL account and are completely baffled as to what a Rez day is… then… TODAY is your day baby! Hoo! Join us in world. Here is the scoop – the notecard from inside the larger than life invitation:

OMG!! 1 year in SL! How many RL years is that? How many dog years? Sigh… my calculator is broken.

~ Rez Day Party for Bigd Flanagan & Kimala Kohime~

Come celebrate with Bigd and I! Hoo it up with us. DJ Crighton Johin will spin your requests and our favorites. Bring your board and catch a few waves. Come to just enjoy the sun and good friends on the beach. We are so glad you have been with us through thick and thin this past SL year. Join us from 3-5 pm SLT, Memorial Day in the USA, Monday, May 26.
*hugs*Kimala Kohime

Follow this link… IM me for a water taxi or a prop plane. Whatever you do… just join us for some SLbarbeque and a lovely slice of cake. I’m SURE there will be cake in some form. I can’t imagine Blissie coming to a party without cake πŸ™‚

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