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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

For those who know me, I bet they would believe this is me. I’ll have you know I took it only once. True blue… that is me:

I was feeling a little tapped out in terms of blog posts for today. But, I feel like my blog has gained momentum and I wanted to offer something. My goal is to post at least once every day. Life sometimes gets in the way but selfishly, I love the relationships I have developed in the blogosphere. I want to honor them by offering at least a little post.

Yesterday was a perfect example of how much I value and honor my friends – and how it is reciprocated. The Rez Day party was so fun! The music was fantastic (thank you Crighton Johin), the food was delicious (thank you Blissie Boucher), and the crowd was lively and just fun! Bigd had invested in Truth or Dare – and when people got a little quiet, the questions were there to liven it up… well that and the gestures and the avitar washing machine for cheap entertainment.

People were incredibly generous. People have been and continue to be incredibly generous on SL… generous with their time, with their lindens, with their ability to offer help and assistance with creating, with shaping, with shopping. Hoo! I am forever in awe of how individuals from all over the world, total strangers can find each other and develop friendships that extend beyond SL. I don’t mean we are all meeting up for coffee or anything. But, honestly, can you tell me you go through your whole RL day and NOT have a fleeting thought wondering how someone is doing? I constantly wonder what Blissie is doing, just sayin πŸ™‚ LOL! Or… does Jenda REALLY say those things in RL while out in public? You know the gesture I’m thinking of… or does Crighton REALLY swear that much anywhere and everywhere (my guess is yes, damn potty mouth)… Or… is Feemebleu wearing her metalic skin today to repel harmful sun rays? Or Parker… is she wearing some gigantic dress at her job in RL? THESE are the deep thoughts that fill my brain πŸ™‚ Bradley and Borday? Well mostly I hope you are fully clothed in your RL as you go about your day. Does Borday offer to remove parts of clothing for each work order he fills (Hoo! Now that might boost his business πŸ™‚ ). Amylyn… does she really sit in a room full of giant penises to conduct her day to day work in RL? Ok… I admit… I’m losing it.

Thank you for being there all of you. Thank you for each of the things you bring to our lives. I have to tell you a little secret. You have given Dave and I more to talk about in RL than we have had to talk about in YEARS that doesn’t focus on child rearing and bills and never ending work drama. Hoo! Cheers to another year (yes D is too afraid to commit to saying that – but what the heck, right?). Cheers to more Rez Days and dance parties and unseen or not yet shopped for attachments and fantastic clothes. Cheers to the limitless adventures that SL offers all of us. I look forward to them with each of you!


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