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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

4:15… hello. 4:15 AM. I barely opened one eye. I saw the light coming in through the glass block wall of our bathroom… not sunrise… just that first light that is grayish. And… I laid there listening to that bird. Some bird that has decided he MUST perform outside our window every day. Either that, or he is singing with a microphone a few doors down. I tried to not click my brain on and close my eyes and go back to sleep. I was somewhat successful but that bird. Over and over again in my head. Nuts you say? She is NUTS!

By 5:55 am I found myself back into a snuggly sleep when I awoke to a distinct doorbell. Ok… that made me certifiable. I’m officially now NUTS. Who the heck would be ringing our doorbell at 5:55 am.

Either way… it sent me on a mission to tiptoe down the stairs and begin my quest for the bird haunting my early mornings. Dave came down about 20 minutes later and said he awoke to bird sounds he had never heard before… LOL !!! My sound wasn’t up THAT loud on my laptop. I take comfort in the fact we must BOTH be nuts. Misery loves company.

I found a site where some man has chronicled all sorts of bird sounds in Northern Arizona where we used to live. Go figure. Why would he do this? It isn’t exactly a garden spot where he was – but heck, it sure beats 110 degrees (yes Blissie – I bet there are still spiders there though – icky ones – if there are that many birds there). You KNOW you can’t resist seeing this guy’s site, North American Bird Sounds . It actually would be cool to use if you were teaching kids and in the middle of a bird unit. (Sorry teacher in me).

So Dave thinks I’m joining the Audubon Society. Please note I am not. Yes, I am officially obsessive compulsive easily demonstrated by this post.

In general, only the male songbird sings and is he communicating one of two messages – ‘go away!’ or ‘come here!’.

~ Bird Squawk!

Come to think of it – those are the SAME two messages human males give out – in RL and SL… HOOOO! Why is it that the female gets so shortchanged – no matter what the living form? How come we don’t get a chance to sing and say ‘go away’ or ‘come here’?? All I know is I get dirty looks when I try that 🙂 Must be universal for living things… girls are expected to be quiet, pretty, and patient… waiting for that male song.

Ok. Enough. This entry is going to become cliche if I don’t end it here. I’d hate for people to think it was “for the birds” or any other cliche that could be thrown in. I’ll wait until tomorrow morning and pray that bird sings when I am ACTUALLY supposed to get up and go back to work.

Let me leave you with a little Paul McCartney if you were brave enough to muddle through these mutterings with me… Thank you Paul 🙂 I would MUCH rather wake up to you singing that at 4:15!

A YouTube experiment 🙂 Because there are way too many Beatles tunes to enjoy first thing in the morning… a KimalaKohime YouTube Beatles playlist. Hoo! (plus it kinda takes my mind off the haunting bird songs of earlier hours.

And… I can’t end without the amazing Wikipedia. Leave it to Wikipedia to show us how to appropriately use soundclips from the Beatles. Hoo!


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