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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

A few weeks ago Bigd and I enjoyed an excursion to SL’s Journey Island. We hung out in each of the pavillions and soaked up music from decades ago. We connected by sharing where we were and who we were at the time each of the hits had prominent places in our lives. Honestly, Bigd was never a Journey fan so he humored me. He always claimed to like “old” Journey – the members individually who then went on and formed Santana.

Evolution Escape Frontier
We made a second trip then to Journey Island a couple of weeks later because I just HAD to see if and when there were ever going to be live performances there. Could it be that the REAL Journey would ever perform on SL?

We found all sorts of new freebies and a scooter! We found a huge arena where we could watch live concert clips of the newest Journey. We could dance and rock in and Hoo it up and nobody was around.. but the sweeties I had swooned over as a teenager had aged just like me – but well I must say :)(did I mention my first RL concert as a teenager was Journey on the Escape tour?).

I asked Jocelyn Sands if she thought they would ever perform live in SL. Jocelyn is one of the sim creators and fabulous DJ in SL. Since they are on world tour now – there is no telling. But a girl can hope 🙂 Now that would be sLomething to look forward to! I sure hope Jenda Starbrook has those prim panties and prim bras ready to wave proudly in our hands and throw at the stage for that event! But I digress…

Seriously… what fascinates me is how they found the new lead singer… through YouTube! We saw a fantastic interview with the band today on CBS Sunday Morning. The story was touching and inspiring. It was truly a “Don’t Stop Believin'” kind of moral. (Sappy I know – but true!). Say what you want about Journey – but they have had 9 multiplatinum albums. The new set comes out this week – new material, re-recordings of old hits, and a concert DVD. Incredible musicians with incredible talent and the ability to be resilient over time.

Please enjoy the story from CBS Sunday Morning A Journey Back. It even includes the links to the YouTube clips that uncovered the amazing new voice of Journey.

And I must come clean. I admit – I had a crush on Jonathon Cain. How can I not? Have you heard Faithfully? Oh my. Have you seen that handsome man play the piano? And… write those beautiful words? *Sigh* How can that not melt your heart – even those of you who are the most hardened SL DJ critics… LOL WINK. I realize though I should leave you with something that is of their new look and their new singer. Enjoy! (Bradley’s cue to dance and fold laundry – *smiles and hugs*)


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