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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

My week ended on an abrupt note. Friday afternoon my head lifted off. I was afraid it would never be able to be put back on. I think I had slept poorly two nights in a row, awake at 3 am for no reason, that probably let me to the headache in the first place. But it wasn’t until my day was well into full swing at a busy but successful educator conference exhibit and sessions. The headache that had crept up on me now exploded from the flashes of projector light I walked in front of one too many times. I had unconsciously exacerbated the situation. I was in for a wild ride with a full blown migraine.

One Relpac that morning seemed to help the pain subside. Then, the conference had a free head/neck massage station. I wasn’t going to try it but it was quiet and figured what did I have to lose. It helped. I was on the mend. But by 2 hours later, my headache was back and worse. I had a session to present so I took another Relpac. 2 is the limit I think. Session went well – and hopefully my sentences were coherent. A few times I know I couldn’t think of the word I needed. Luckily I have a fantastic colleague I was co-presenting with and he could carry the ball for me.

A few additional unintentional walks through the projector light stream and then we were out into the 105 degree heat. Loading up my car with the booth and other items, then getting into the car to drive home that had been in the hot parking lot all day (probably 140 degrees) sent me over the edge. I had texted Dave earlier to let him know I had taken 2 Relpacs so he knew what was going on. My head was throbbing. I had my sunglasses on but the light was killing me. I blasted the air conditioning on my face and just prayed I’d make it home. Dave told me I needed to talk to the doctor – that they wouldn’t tell him much – so I called while I made it the 25 mile trip home on surface streets full of Friday afternoon rush hour traffic… figuring the freeway would be the death of me.

The doctor’s secretary was super nice. She said “Oh honey – just go to Urgent Care and get a shot.” I explained I was really needing to know if there was anything else I could take and that a 2 hour plus wait in the waiting room wouldn’t cut it. I was close to physically sick and my head was pounding harder and harder. She talked to the Nurse Practitioner who was still there to say Relpac is the strongest over the counter meds you can take and they don’t stock narcotics in the office. I would need to go to an Urgent Care or ER for a narcotic shot and anti nausia and just get knocked out for the night. I appreciated her kind words to get better and focused on driving home. Getting into bed with a bag of ice on my head was all I could focus on. The rest of the drive was in slow motion and I don’t remember pulling in the driveway.

Dave and the kids had sprayed something that smelled incredible in our bedroom. Later he told me it was lavender. The icepack in a dark towel was ready for my head and I pulled off my clothes as fast as I could to climb under the cool sheets. It was surprisingly quiet in my part of the house and I tried to just focus on the ice and the feel of the ceiling fan whooshing soft cool air on my body. I had some anti-nausea medicine I took, I guzzled some SmartWater, and rubbed Vick’s Vapor Rub on my temples. I drifted off after what seemed like hours but really was probably only minutes.

I awoke about 3 hours later. I had only the dark towel over my eyes. My youngest, Simon was peeking under the towel at my face and kissing my arm softly as he wrapped himself in my arms sliding in beside me. The pain was gone. He smiled and kissed me again and said “Mommy, you’re beautiful!” in the sweetest little voice. He told me he had missed me and kissed me some more and told me he loved me. Dave came in a few minutes later to retrieve Simon so I could go back to sleep but with the pain gone, the love was just what I needed. A five year old’s affection can run deep and is so honest. I am most certain I looked like hell. Who wouldn’t have after having an icepack on their head and and and…

Thankfully these things only happen a few times a year to me. Relpac has been an amazing medication solution to me, that I can take as soon as I have the first few symptoms. Yoga stretches and all the other things I mentioned often can curtail an experience like what I had. I’m not sure how to halt them though once they spiral as they do. I’m just relieved I avoided the vomiting and ER trip that has ensued in the past when it was this bad. I’m also thankful my husband knows just what to do and made it all happen.

Those first few moments with Simon, I knew I had to find this clip to put in my blog. Waking up after the pain is FINALLY gone feels somewhat like this. I probably looked just as good πŸ™‚ Heehee.

So needless to say, Simon and I are having a quiet day today at home with Rachel and I’m just sore. It is hard to imagine a migraine taking that much out of you, and giving you almost a hangover of sorts, but it does. Light and sound sensitive still, quiet cool rooms are my choice of location. Cat naps and more kisses from Simon will have me back to new again in no time.


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