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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I got an email this a.m. that went something like this…

Did Crightonitis catch? haven’t posted since Sunday. Do you have a fever? Are you sick? Omg! /me calls a doctor!

The pressure worked πŸ™‚ I was forced to reply with a “Help – I can barely keep my head above RL water this week with to do’s and work craziness!” but I worked really hard all morning – actually until now – to get things caught up at the office so I could have a few minutes to indulge in blogging. Bet you didn’t know blogging could be seen as an indulgence, eh? Well, lunch at my desk πŸ˜› and no chocolate in sight – a little bit of time to myself and my blog is a luxury.

So Happy Hump Day everyone! I added a new link to my blogsidebar I hope some of you will explore. I have decided if I ever come into unlimited supplies of cash I will begin a foundation similar to this one – The Foundation for a Better Life. They simply exist to inspire and promote good things. How cool is that? In my own imagination, I like to think that they are out there just handing out dollars to people who really need it too.

A homeless man was on the sidewalk outside the conference where I was at the past several days working, in a wheelchair, in the scant shade of a very slim tree, at 112 degrees in the Phoenix afternoon asphalt jungle. He asked if we could spare anything because he hadn’t eaten. All we could give him was the chocolate candy from our booth that day – but we gave it to him. I wish I could have also given him a bottle of water – but I have to hope that came along next.

What have you done recently to help someone in need out? There is a spirit of abundance and sharing in SL – but I often wonder if that translates into RL very easily. I have noticed that we immediately begin to dig through our inventory to see what we can share with newcomers who are sporting newb hair or prim-free clothing. We pass out pixelated goodies endlessly. Most are also equally generous with Lindens – filling tip jars. But do we take the time to do the same in RL? Even if you don’t have a wallet full of cash, see what you might be able to dig up next time you pass someone less fortunate than you and obviously in need.

Giving is part of that ever-present big karmic wheel. The more you give, the more it really does come back to you.

I’m off to finish off my Wednesday afternoon hump day work activities. I hear that it is still hot out so it was good I stayed at my desk for lunch. What’s the point of erupting into flames getting in and out of a hot car at 114 outside and who knows what inside! Doesn’t seem worth the effort for a quick salad or subway run. Cheers to your Wednesday and making the world – SL and/or RL a little better for those around you. Share with me in a reply to this post how you gave a little this week πŸ™‚


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