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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

So with gas prices double and triple of what they once were, the latest trend in family vacations is a stay-cation. My sister-in-law was sharing that tidbit with us from her vantage point in the central coastal area of California. Apparently California economists are predicting a severe loss of revenue because the drop in tourism will be larger than ever this year due to fuel costs. Makes sense really. I’m opting for a family stay-cation as well.

Running crowd control is an interesting way to spend my stay-cation. I’m just now at the start of day 3. The first day was filled with the radiology appointments and then all the festivities for D’s birthday. Helium and balloons and streamers with 4 enthusiastic kids is an exciting thing. Mexican food take-out and birthday cake, and specialty milkshakes made my Noah (his contribution to the birthday celebrations) made for extremely full bellies. Back to back parties on SL for D completed the evening.

As with any vacation – there are the highlights and quieter moments. There are also the songs that will always remind you of the good times. Should I be concerned that the following song will forever ring through my head? This catchy tune is the latest favorite of my 5 year olds…

I must caution you. Once you have heard the tune… it may be hard to forget. And… I can’t recommend it for background music for chores, etc. It makes me feel rather frenetic personally. But… if it buys me some solitude with the twins, then I suppose I am all for it. Should I also mention I have seen High School Musical and The Little Rascals movies about 3 times each – highlights only, of course. What did we do before the invention of the TiVo.

It is important to note that each day of the stay-cation begins by 6:30 am at the LATEST. Most days it is more like 5:45 am. The sun coming up equals little ones wide awake and ready to go. Dave took them for a bike ride this morning all before 8 am. That can be seen as a good thing though because it was already 87 degrees by 7.

We’ve also had a huge brush fire. Sparked by lightening from the summer monsoons we are waiting to officially begin, the brush fire provided upstairs window entertainment for all. We could see the flames from our vantage point at times and the fire, burning in the Gila River bottom, grew from 100 acres to 1,400 acres by last night. The remote area makes it difficult for crews to get in and fight, as well as the fact that hot shots are already out to other parts of the state, and the West fighting larger brush fires. Smoke has not been a good thing for my 2 with asthma, but we’re trying to take preventative measures with them both.

The stay-cation agenda for today, you might ask? Well… there is NOTHING better after an early morning bike ride than listening to… THE HAMSTER DANCE for the 10,000th time. I’m enjoying coffee and waiting for it to kick in. And then, I’m on to work my first ever U2inSL concert. I have a security badge and everything. It is a huge operation and I am hopeful I’ll remember all necessary details while wearing the hideous newb, low prim hair.

Hiding out in the air-conditioned inside will probably be our best bet. 112 is the high today, with poor air quality because of the fires. Maybe a water fight will be in order for later in the afternoon. Nothing better than a run through the sprinklers. Should I close by mentioning my daughter actually admitted to being cold after running through the sprinklers the other day when it was 114? Only a Phoenix kid would say something like that!


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