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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Yesterday – the balloon popping continued and Dave taught the kids the joys of helium inhalation. We spent considerable time talking like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Does this mean my kids will grow up to do drugs…???? YIKES! Cancel Cancel.

We had early morning bike riding – I think I mentioned that yesterday. We also had plenty of time outs and screaming that all comes from tackling and laughing and chasing and then ultimately crying. My dad always used to tell us “You kids are laughing so hard soon you’ll be crying – settle down!” No truer words were ever said.

I had family tech support in my adventures with the U2inSL concert yesterday. We all rocked out and Rach did her patented wiggle 🙂 Noah made 2 kinds of cookies and there were plenty of discussions about whether or not to eat raw cookie dough. Of course, he decided the twins were TOO YOUNG to try any or it would make them sick 🙂 Needless to say – all 4 ate WAY too many cookies after they were baked and felt sick later. Gotta love the life of a kid!

It continued to be hot. (Newsflash? NOT!) I have decided that our summers are the equivalent of many other places’ harsh winters. Inside forts with sheets, computer games called “Club Penguin” and PBS Kids, and Nick… and Barbies! The Barbies swam in the swimming pool and looked extremely fashionable in their suits. And.. the tv/cable dvr box remote remains missing. Sigh…

This morning? 5:30 am = sunlight streaming in = 2 wide awake pouncing and bouncing around in bed with me. We played race car – Simon sitting up between my legs – watching himself in the mirror while he made noises like Lightening McQueen and then puppets – without the puppets – just our hands telling stories. Simon’s idea actually. We had a lengthy conversation about kindergarten and backpacks and teachers. He seems to think that he will most certainly have Noah’s 4th grade teacher for kindergarten since he will be going to “Noah’s school.” It makes me smile on one hand and feel totally mind boggled on another – these little ones are now ready to go to kindergarten. When they were born we used to tell Noah someday he would get to help them go to school for the first time – and that seems like lifetimes ago.

All in all, I think the stay-cation is shaping up nicely. It is good to take a break from the craziness of work, and hideous commute, and just focus on multitasking in one area of my life rather than 12 (not really 12 but it feels like that sometimes). Thank you for humoring me and letting me share – I wanted to capture some of this. I want to make sure I remember this when someday I am at home all alone thinking the house is way too quiet and I have to beg people to get out of bed closer to noon.

Brush Fire update: Now at 5,400 acres… This newsclip shows some of what we culd see from the upstairs bedroom window.


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