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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

So… cleaning up the clutter never gets dull. Hard to anticipate what kind of gem you’ll find sifting through papers, preschool art, old math homework, and bills. Would you ever imagine I find the meaning of life? NO WONDER I have been so full of question, constantly unsatisfied and stressed!

According to the British Medical Journal, the citizens of Denmark are happier than their European counterparts, even though they rate high for the kind of factors typically affiliated with a LOW happiness rank, like bad weather, bad food, and high alcohol consumption. What’s their secret? Low expectations.

So… I’m going to chew on that for a while. I have a workshop this afternoon. I work from home this morning. I’m getting my kids ready to head out of town early with my dad. I have to clean the house. Maybe I just need to shrug it off and just show up? I am not sure I know how to interpret this. I am not sure I am even wired genetically to have low expectations – but dammit – if THAT is the secret to happiness I am all for it!

One other random thought… do you think players on World of Warcraft worry as much as SL Residents about leaving the game forever? Just an early morning thing to ponder while you plan your day with low expectations. WAIT… cancel cancel… you don’t plan your day if you have low expectations… DO you? I’m new to this… I need some help! LOL!

Happy Friday everyone!


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