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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

My mom has this very cool ability on her mac-book to create these scrapbook like photo pages with text. I did this to accompany a whole collage of photos from our fishing expedition. It was just a fishing expedition for small pond fish – but it was fun.

Here is the scoop I sent to some family and friends. I thought it would be worth saving in my blog as well 🙂

So is it hard to imagine what this family does when they are removed from the brutal desert heat and stripped of all technology? Broken blackberry, no Internet, PS2 and SecondLife are worlds away…

With the help of Grandpa John and Grandpa Catherine, we made it through the first afternoon without a even a twitch. Noah easily earned the trophy for most fish caught – and not just sunfish, but tiny blue gill too. Simon earned the prize for noisiest fisherman. If he could have scared them out of the pond, we wouldn’t have had enough nets ready. Zachary earned the prize for the farthest casting. That kid is ready for bigger lakes or streams, most definitely… maybe he is a fly fisherman in the making…

And Rachel you ask? Armed with her Disney Princess fishing rod and Barbie life jacket she asked that NO ONE tell she touched worms… and kinda liked it. She named the worms and chastised Noah for feeding Sarah to one of his 7 catches. Fortunately Cindy and Alexis were still safe in the plastic bait containers. She enjoyed touching the fish and examining her catch too. Impressive eh?

I think ultimately the trick to vacations is leaving before you can’t stand it and have to go home. Tonight when we leave to go back to the Valley it will feel like it is too soon. The air is so clean. The monsoon rainshowers intermittently throughout the day and night are beyond refreshing. The views of the 10,000+ feet peaks are spectacular. But… it will be good to be home too.

OHHHH AND my favorite new store ever? Life is Good! Now… does that surprise you in any way? LOL… Stop by their website and see how cool their stuff is if you don’t have one near you. Dare I even mention they have a “Half Full” t-shirt?


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