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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Wow… a double header (when you are old like me a double header is one night followed by the next night) of intense fun, amazing experiences, and incredible music. NOTE: I’m saving my artistic admiration of Misprint Thursday and her Olive Art exhibit for the Bistro Blog. Music… back to the music… it ALWAYS does my soul good. And, yes, I get little crushes then on the musicians. How can you not?

I’ll start with a new SL find I think is amazing… CQ Bravin. CQ is relatively new to SL but not new to music. He has simply found SL to be a great forum to perform. I am glad he thinks so because his contributions are incredible. His original selections combine his acoustical guitar with incredibly woven lyrics and melodies. He is of the genre known as “Indie Folk Rock” and calls himself “The Colorful Quiet.” His contributions in Second Life are equally incredible. You can find a video shot at another club (unfortunately -why didn’t I think of doing this!!) but nonetheless it gives you some reference of how amazing he is. Take a watch.

Sorry CQ… didn’t mean to get the microphone right in your face. We will have you back and I will get better shots – promise!! πŸ™‚ onward now to other crush information … and a cup of coffee should help me power out the rest of this post…

Hours later… I return… sorry about that!

The other crush? Well… none other than the amazingly handsome and fantastically talented Mr. John Mayer. I decided last night… as I sweated and sweated (ok … really I glowed right? isn’t that what girls do?) that I am officially a Phoenician again. My 4th summer now in Phoenix after living in Flagstaff all those years… I’ve adjusted, acclimatised or whatever else you call it. I can sit, dance, rock out, soak in all those fantastic things you do at an outdoor concert in JULY in PHOENIX. WOOT! 115 degrees? NO PROBLEM. Ok.. not really.. that’s a lie… there was a breeze and the sun was going down… so it was probably only 105 πŸ™‚

Anyway… John Mayer was the main attraction. Colbie Cailliat was the warm up. There was another artist before her I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t remember his name. I hate to not recognize all the musicians. He sounded a lot like Paul Simon. Colbie was great. Very cute, almost shy on stage. She told a sweet story about taking an acting class to get over her fear of performing. She shared she didn’t realize when she started writing songs that she would eventually have to perform them live for people! And her “Bubbly” song – she wrote that 1 night using the 4 chords she had just learned from a friend on the guitar. Gotta love the humanness of it all πŸ™‚

But John Mayer was beyond words. Incredibly talented. Gorgeous even with short short hair. Beautiful to look at and listen to. His voice, his music. Wow. He too talked about the heat. He said the heat put him in a frame of mind for blues. Can that guy jam! He wondered aloud how Guns n Roses ever handled the heat and then proceeded to do a fantastic Sweet Child of Mine version in which he sang a line to Jen… *sigh*. He thanked the audience for being so accepting of his craft and for being willing to enjoy whatever he offered us. He commented how cool it was that he could experiment with something that day earlier with the band and it could evolve into something on the stage that night. He called it “organic.” Honestly, I’m sure there were a few of us who could have stayed a few more hours. Thank you Mr. Mayer. My soul is a little lighter today… tired… but lighter in a good way.

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