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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Pounding headache. No… I don’t drink very much… hardly ever actually… I just have the symptoms of one who does I guess. This headache in the back of my head, the back of my neck, traveling across my shoulders and up to my forehead won’t go away. Swimming in the amount of water I’m trying to consume, carefully remembering to have some coffee so I won’t exaggerate it by lack of caffeine, I try ice packs too. That seems to help. Relpac.. 1 of those. Those are scarce though so I try not to take those very often. I am hopeful my headache will burn off as the day progresses like fog does over the ocean side cities in California by mid-day.

When I first thought about what I was going to post today – I was going to do the Parker, Joonie, Blissie patented Popsicle and weather surveys. I love those! I can’t wait to try them. But as I scrolled down and down and down, and realized how many blog posts I was behind on (heck, even Crighton had a blogette from yesterday!!!), I realized how behind I was. These silly blogs are just incredible. Second Life led me to blogging. Before that, I always figured blogs were too too personal and I didn’t really have anything worth saying anyone would read anyway. Then, I began to see how they are really like an asynchronous conversation. They are a way for getting to know someone better. They are good for a laugh – sometimes right out loud – a good hard laugh. They are good for a cry. Sometimes you people share things that just make my eyes start to leak. Blogs… they are a heck of a lot like onions! Each layer is a bit different… thick, thin… sometimes making you cry when you slice and dice… tasting a bit different if you saute them or just eat them raw on something. They add a flavor to my life now that I do not want to imagine living without.

They are an incredible creative outlet, as is SL. They compliment SL. They have allowed me the privilege to get those I now care about so much, in more depth. They allow us to carry on the conversation after we log off from our adventures in our pixelated landscape. They validate our experiences in-world and remind us how human we all our and how diverse our lifestyles are across the country, and across the world. It makes me love all of you, and SL even more in so many ways.

Silly blogs. There are all kinds of purposes for them. I stumbled across one yesterday that simply offered HTML coding tricks for widgets and such. I stumbled upon another that was only about technical assistance for something or another. Then, I stumble back into all of ours. Our family, our network, our crazy clique… whatever you want to call it… I get lost in your entries. I realize how much I’ve missed if I don’t check in every day. I am sad when blogs go days without new posts because I know things must be hectic or stressful or the creative juices must have dried up just a bit for that person.

So cheers. Toasts to each of you. Toasts to blogettes, to laundry lists of survey results, to interactive polls, to amazing photography, to crazy tales, and deep insightful analysis (bradley 🙂 ). You make my life richer. You connect me to a creative adult part of my brain that just doesn’t get that kind of stimulation from dogpiles and cartoons and sibling fights I constantly referee. Happy weekend everyone!


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