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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Traveling for work. Dare I say that I only fly coach when I fly for work? LOL! 5 hour flights across the country cause your thinking to be fuzzy regarding personal details. It also means you are guaranteed a movie in flight. Should I admit that is often the only time I get to see an adult movie? NO you perverts… not an “adult movie” just a movie that really only adults would want to see. Rarely do they show Disney or animated movies in flight 🙂 So… we watched “What Happens in Vegas”. Great flick!! Dennis Miller plays the part of a judge that sentences a couple to staying married after a drunken ceremony in Vegas. Great lines. Great reflections on being married. The laugh out loud kinda movie 😉 gotta love watching that on a plane sitting beside people who don’t know you 😉

Ok… so… Should I say I also refuse to travel unless I stay in a Westin? Wow! I love fancy schmancy hotels. Westins? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Heavenly beds, heavenly showers, great smelling soaps, shower gels, and plasma HD television. If I could get free broadband, I would live here. I could join the likes of all those characters I love on soap operas who live in hotels. But… drawbacks? My family… I miss them. The internet? It works to blog and do email but not Second Life. The food? I miss eating food I can just grab from the kitchen. Silly, I know… but true.

So… I’m stranded… all tucked into bed. Decent hour.. only a little after 7 my time. EST is late… after 10 and I should be snoozing if I knew what was good for me. Anywhooo I decided I would peek in on blogs. Slim pickings. You people… what did you all gear up to write about the Joonie – Bigd saga and then just check out? Get on it!! I count on you people!! I have yet to check Bradley and Joonie’s blogs tonight. I’m holding out – I’m keeping the faith – and saving them for last. I just KNOW they’ll have some good reading material. I know you all are whooping it up at Glamshack.. not even giving me a second thought 😦

So… I’ll return to watching TV. I still can’t figure out the EST schedule. Why the heck is everything on an hour later here? Very lame! Why must they do that? Letterman is then on much much too late for me. I love Letterman.

Tomorrow… I am headed home to make things right again in my world. I’ll be able to hug my kids and husband tightly and be thankful for a safe trip home (even though it won’t be until evening). I’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of broadband and SL. I’ll be able to enjoy the snuggles of my little ones that insist on sleeping in my bed (not a heavenly bed according to label but definitely according to love 🙂 ). I will be expecting ALL of you to have updated your blogs for my reading pleasure. Since I can read them on my Blackberry – I might just do so at the airport. Be forewarned – that means you have until 3 pm EST to post 🙂 woot! (yes, sadly, the former English teacher in me is rearing her ugly head).

In my next life I think I’ll live in a big city, in a high rise, and only rely on public transportation. But… for now… I’m ready to return to my every day life and all those sweet faces that make each and every day worth it… even when I feel like it might make me lose my hair. Cheers to homecomings and things that make you appreciate what you have! Woot!

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