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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

My family recorded the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics because I was just enroute home when it was happening. I got home in time to watch all the teams enter the stadium – but not see the tremendous performances. Watching it this morning, I am in awe. I know some of the history, some of the politics, and some of the philosophy. I know enough to know I shouldn’t endorse their politics. I know of the controversy of the trip the olympic flame across the world. But… in watching the tremendous opening ceremonies – the dance, the symbolism, the beauty, the synchronicity of the performance, the technology behind what they created, the ultimate awe factor… how can you NOT be impressed!

Ok… I admit it… I was a band geek. I did marching band. It is hard. You are responsible for your one little spot and yet if you screw up your one little spot – it has a domino effect across the entire performance. That was in a band of 175 members… and we were good… we won awards… but.. 2008 performers… 2008 performers in sync… it is mind boggling. It is beauty and science. 15,000 performers total.

If you missed the opening ceremonies… go back and catch them on Regardless of your politics… take the time to absorb the performance art and beauty that encompasses this once in a lifetime event. The symbols above represent harmony. There is a very cool site I found that you can explore other chinese symbols China Connection. The other thing I find fascinating is the symbolism of numbers. I learned yesterday that 8 is the luckiest of all in chinese culture. 080808 represented a reason for thousands of chinese couples to get married yesterday. 6 and 9 are also lucky numbers. 4 and 14 are unlucky. 14 the unluckiest of all… representing certain death. There are no 14th floors in high rise buildings in China.

So… where is the olympic presence in SL? I am going to set out today to find it. I would love for someone to recreate the mural painting dance on the floor of the Bistro. It was incredible. The drumming… yes, I love drummers… but the mass 2008 drummers and the technology lighting up the countdown? Mind boggling precision. I hope there is something the Lindens have cooked up to honor the olympics in SL. I hope there is something someone has done in some sim. If not… I’m going to feel a little pressure to do I don’t know what.

Cheers to harmony and foreign lands and things beyond our wildest imaginations made possible!


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