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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters


Sunday evening… what a crazy bumpy rocky road my blog has had this weekend! I had the bug to create. I wanted it to be pretty. I wanted it to have 3 columns. I wanted it to feel arty…

So… Friday night I found this beautiful template and installed it. I was quite proud of myself (like that surprises you). However, it was missing a key portion of my header… the part that explains why I misspell resilience. I can’t have a blog called reSLience and not have anywhere that explains it. So.. I set out to fight with the code. Mind you, I know HTML… enough to be dangerous (heehee). But.. XML? Oi!

Joonie offered to help. She asked if I saved what I used to have. Well I did… kinda… and um… no.. I normally don’t read directions until they become a last resort. Sigh… So… as you can see the joke is on me.

4 templates later… here it is. I decided to go vanilla. Classic. Clean. Easy. Its Sunday night and I want my blog to at least function this week. But… you can BET I’m going to hit up our graphic designers and web guys tomorrow. LOL like we have a huge team or something. I’ll ask the 2 πŸ™‚

Sleep well. Dream of good blog templates with 3 columns for me. Let me know if you find any. Cheers to restful weekends and good things for all of us through this week!


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