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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I think one of the hardest jobs in SL is that of hostess. You must be engaging and peppy and welcoming and happy for a good 2 + hours, depending on the event. You must coordinate the announcements ahead of the event and throughout. You must meet and greet and remind people to give. In some ways it is like running a pledge drive.

I would hate to think I had overstayed my welcome at this career called SL hostess. It is fun. I have tried to make it fun. I have tried to be creative and enjoy ways to entice the random SL passers-by to consider engaging in the events I host. I have tried to add unique spins on an evening at a club – offer a theme – and promote people’s sense of creativity as well as their sense of greed in terms of winning lindens. (insert laugh here)

I have loved every minute of the challenge, of the chaos, of the craziness. But… I don’t want to stay until I hate it. I don’t want to be the last to leave the party, so to speak. I’m ready to just attend the party and enjoy it.

I am very much invested in what we are doing with the Bistro Olive. I’m really excited about it. The art Cataplexia Numbers has brought in is incredible, Visual Poetry. It is very very different from Misprint Thursday’s Olive Art! And yet, also very compelling. It is so cool that the artists can construct such beautiful things throughout the Bistro and be so unique in and of themselves.

So… on that note… I hope to see you all on the dance floor. I hope to see you at clubs and hoo it up! (and offer fun quotable things for Mikki to record when I’m not looking).

Cheers to a busy week for the Bistro Olive and for Blissful Productions! That honey of mine… can she ever work it 🙂 woot!


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