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it's what lies within that really matters

The past few days I have been thinking about Autumn. Back to school kind of makes me feel that way – but since we live in AZ – that can’t really be it. We start school at 110 degrees as the high most days – that makes it definitely feel like Summer. But I am BEYOND ready for cooler evenings. I hate to wish the days away but it seems by mid September it finally starts to cool off at night. It means we don’t have to all be on top of each other in the house. It means the kids can play outside and not come in smelling them before you ever see them. It means fixing up the flower beds and enjoying our yard again.

I miss Flagstaff for a lot of the traditional season reasons. The chill that starts to come in the air. The leaves turning. The days getting shorter. The promise of snow days right around the corner – LOL. But… here I sit, in our desert home, with the air conditioning clicking on, and the promise of another day of 105 degrees.

For now I suppose I’ll take solace in the beautiful places I can find on SL that hold tastes of Autumn. We found one yesterday. I’ll look for more today. I must remind myself that in no time at all we will be taunting the rest of you with our 80 degree winter temperatures and that this is the equivalent of the midwest long winters.

I’m off… to go find some leaf piles to jump in and some big autumn trees to lay under… at least in Second Life.

Dreaming about fall

Dreaming about fall


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