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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Sometimes one of the best receipes to getting things back on track is to make a conscious effort to really sort through the clutter.  When I’m in a hurry, I look at the clutter, restack it, and move it around.  I might recycle a few things – but ultimately it earns a prize spot in some esteemed clutter pile.  Yesterday, on many levels, the clutter deserved some intensive time and attention. 

I have seen them in homes on the news where there were fires, or animals mistreated, that showed extensive piles – sometimes to the ceiling – of newspapers and other items.  Little pathways to walk had to be generated to move from place to place.  Let me reassure you that was far from the case with my house.  🙂  However, there were bills that needed attention and more importantly oodles of items that needed to be shredded.

So… as many long journeys begin with one step, I began. Sorting, shredding, recycling.  I have to tell you the kids were as excited about the shredder as if it was christmas.  In fact, Rachel decided it was the most fun she had in a long time! (should I worry about that?)  Some other kinds of clutter were sorted in the process as well.    D and I discussed Second Life and blogs and relationships and all the things that can accumulate as undiscussed clutter for weeks on end.  One of the things that has really worn on him are the questions he faces when asked about Crighton and I.  For some reason, it is like a horrible car accident or train wreck that people can’t look away from. People can’t help themselves but question and discuss over and over.

Why include this in the clutter topic?  Well because when all you are doing is asking for your own self-interests, it is like indulging yourself in giving time to reading the junk mail.  Take the time to think about why you might be asking, why you care.  If it is out of friendship or concern because something is wrong, then that is not what I’m describing here.  It is the random questions from mere acquaintances that wear on you.  Those are the questions that pile up and build up and cause frustration.

All I can think about are metaphors at this point. I’m restraining. I’m not talking about glass houses and rocks. I’m not talking about skeletons and closets.  I’ll just stay focused on the idea of clutter.  Different people think different things are clutter.  What is valuable to some and near and dear to their heart, is simply rubbish to someone else. Or simply disposable… not worth saving.  Before making quick judgements, take the time to think about the other angles of your questions and conversation.

1 metaphor... elephant = clutter

1 metaphor... elephant = clutter

I read a fantastic blog entry the other day that Joonie had shared.  It was specifically addressing the “Hot Button” of SL relationships.  Cindy Kessey rights about SL relationships as well – quite articulately.  My blog began because of needing to finally speak up.  I suppose this entry makes things come full circle.

Often I am criticized for being to cheery.  Looking to find the good, looking to find the bright side rubs people the wrong way.  I would assume this entry might rub people the wrong way too.  I was told last night that removing people from friends lists last night is simply “childish”.  SL makes for challenging human interactions and really isn’t for the faint of heart.  Yanis made a profound comment in D’s blog earlier in the week about it taking a strong person to live in SL.  I loved that thought.  I took it to heart.  It does take someone who is willing to expose themselves to others, and learn things about themselves that they might not have wanted to know. It can be scary.  It can be heartbreaking.  It can be heartwarming.  It can be one of the most rewarding personal discovery journeys you have ever been on.

So… as I return to cleaning up the clutter… I will only shred the things I really don’t want.  I will only put away the prims on my SL spaces that are really no longer necessary.  I might even sort through my list of friends and contacts for those I haven’t heard from in a while or I know they really don’t care to hear from me… after all… doesn’t that just become clutter too?  The one request I would ask – is for you to not treat those around you like clutter.  If you do consider someone a friend, take the time to say hello.  Ask them how they are doing. Take the time to do something fun together or join them at some social gathering.  Laugh and share stories and confirm to that person they really aren’t clutter in your SLife. 

Cleaning house isn’t fun.  Sorting clutter can be tedious.  I’m hopeful though that the end result is all worth it.  Thank you to those who are profound essentials in my SLife – you know who you are – and you know how much I appreciate you, your kind words, your hugs, and your fabulous shopping expertise 🙂

Cheers to a day and a half left of this much needed long weekend! And, cheers to things finding their way to you that you need but didn’t ask for… look what arrived in my blogcatalog network today… Postive Thinking a blog from this fantastic woman in India. Think she saw me taking pictures in that SIM last night with the elephants? 🙂

Clutter Metaphor of Elephant... Conquered?

Clutter Metaphor of Elephant... Conquered?


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