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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Some days driving to work is all about how loud you can turn up the music and how well you can sing along at the top of your lungs.  Being alone in the car is preferable 😉  Tinted windows are encouraged.  BUT if you don’t have those options… just schedule accordingly.  Freeway drivers could care less what you are doing and what you look like.  As long as you are going fast and stay in the lanes.

So here was my playlist for today.  I started off with Matchbox 20…Exile on Mainstream was in my CD player.  “These Hard Times” had been my tune to park my car into the driveway last night so that came up first.  I figured I should check out the radio and did that next.  

The radio playlist went something like this:

And then… along came this song… and I just had to laugh out loud. It brought my personal song fest to a screeching halt. It made my frenetic radio changing sport take a time out.

The Toddler Song

The Toddler Song


If you have had children or know children that are this age – it completely fits. OMG! Can there be something more reassuring than this song? You mean other people’s kids try these things too? And ALL ALONG I thought it was JUST ME!

Then… I returned to my songfest and focused my energy on whatever might come my way today – mean people included. Nothing can beat the Matchbox 20 song specifically dedicated to mean people. Nothing can beat Rob Thomas’ rationale for writing lyrics about being super pissed off but putting it to a happy tune. It is the perfect storm of a song. Can you hear the glockenspeil in the background even? LOL Here you go… here they are singing it live for you from Sydney, Australia. WOOT!

In a nutshell.. these are the perfect words to cloak yourself in when dealing with hate bombs:

Why don’t you just go away
I can’t seem to get my head straight
There’s so much I need to say
It could take all Day

Yeah but what you got, I don’t need it
I can’t listen to all your reasons
Wake up, I don’t feel it
I can’t listen to all your reasons

You’re bad mood just ties my hands
Turns my cartwheels into head stands
I’ve done everything I can
Gave All i had

Glass half full ALWAYS – but it never hurts to be fully armed. Stay safe out there on those roads. But, most importantly, belt it out. I find it is MUCH, MUCH cheaper than paying for therapy. Wrapping yourself in lyrics from Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas from beginning to end, and throwing a few old favorites in there, along with a good laugh or two… it most definitely starts the day off on the right foot. Cheers! (And… most importantly… tomorrow really really IS Friday, isn’t it?!!)


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