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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

So I have met this avatar in Plurk that I am glad to know. Argent Bury. She/He has offered some very articulate perspectives on the SL – RL experience in an amazing blog post… here is an excerpt:

Taking a Stand
Time to take a stand…

There has been a lot of back and forth on the internets lately about trust, voice, identity, morality, roleplay, and scores of other SL issues that have no answers. Rather than gnaw on them every day and face continuous existential crisis, I’m taking a stand here. This is my last post on “what I am”. From now on I’m posting about “what I am doing/thinking/feeling here”. You can consider this post to be the contents of my “First Life” tab…I will post a link to this entry there. I encourage you, for better or worse, to base all your decisions regarding me on this post.

~ Ardent Bury, SL resident

I thought this was a super interesting stand… I hope you’ll take the time to read the full post. Joonie had something similar recently in her poll and the results about how much RL do you share. I think it is something we all struggle with and I find it incredibly fascinating. From a psychology/sociology standpoint, those crazy scientists and doctors must just be itching to open up our heads and study us. (I speak really specifically of the “us” that is addicted to SL… wait… not me) *looks around nervously*

I have been an open book really. I remember being shocked with I learned D had told people I was a teacher… then I shocked him when I shared I worked for a PBS station. Then… it just unraveled from there I guess. We live in Arizona. We want to rant about the heat. Summers here are like winters other places. So… we find solace in the cool ocean waters of SL. I became even further fascinated by the people who so openly welcomed us into their SLives. I loved getting to know people… not their intimate details that would disclose identities but more the intimate details about what makes them tick. I loved learning about Blissie and her battles with RL work downsizing and her life in NYC as a beautiful girl with a hot boyfriend who works at a gym and her perpetual battle with her RL closet. I mean COME ON… I have 4 kids and a mortgage and a job and a husband and… my life couldn’t be more opposite and hers couldn’t be more exciting 🙂 (I hope Blissie doesn’t mind me sharing that.)

Anyway… the list of incredible people goes on and on that I have met in SL. They are warm. They care. They care about me, not just my avatar. I like that. It is good to have friends. Isn’t that one of the top preventatives for stress is to have friends? I won’t list them all and disclose things they wouldn’t want me to blog about. They know who they are. I bug them quite frequently inworld and recruit them for all sorts of SL adventures. I drag them into my RL world in conversations with my husband and kids. Blissie is the fabulous cupcake maker around our house that all of us love 🙂

So… I appreciate knowing Argent’s viewpoint. I totally am fascinated by the thought. I am the original naive avatar who always assumes the best and takes people at face value. You’ve given me a lot to think about Argent… and that isn’t a bad thing. Dave always cautions me that I am too trusting. You’ve put a good reminder of caution in my head as well.

Onward. Social networking at its finest. Plurk. Second Life. Blogging. Ning. Yes, Bliss, I did join Virtual Girls with Guns or whatever that was… HOOO! (even though I don’t know how to operate most of the guns in my virtual inventory – but don’t worry I’ll study up and try to look cool).

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