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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

So… some of us have a hard time staying awake for Saturday Night Live. We DVR’d it… but I didn’t watch it the next day with some in our house. In fact, I think I was asleep before the story ended about the dog that was able to dial 911 to get help for his owner who had collapsed and needed emergency medical treatment. (TRUE STORY)… but I digress not even before I’ve finished the first paragraph.

Ok… staying up late… can’t do it. Thank God for You Tube. Interestingly enough.. we watched and laughed about this clip on You Tube today at lunch. By tonight, when I was ready to blog, this clip had already been buried by FOX News with commentary tagged with the same key words, and NBC had removed it. More interestingly… it was being hailed as a highlight on their site (totally as it should be) and low and behold… has ADVERTISING ahead of it. Go baby go! Very smart! Rake those sponsorship dollars in 🙂

Here it is. Make sure you take the time to catch not only MILF (Case Munroe from Friendly Fire has actually coined VPILF – I’ll let you do the acronym research) but also FLURG. Thank God for Google too! I was able to quickly find the meaning of FLURG and will share a fellow blogger link with you to interpret – WordPress.Com has found the best definitions for you!

So… without further ado…



Sorry... NBC doesn

NBC doesn’t let me embed even though it thinks it will..

 Thank you SNL. EVERY MONDAY deserves a good laugh to remind us of the fun from the weekend. (Yes – most of my weekend was super fun 🙂 – more on that later.)


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