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Something We Should Investigate

Something We Should Investigate

Sometimes I just relish mornings where I can get to work and breathe deeply… having survived the chaos at home to make it to the serenity of my desk chair and actually finish complete thoughts. Then… I jump from one thing to the next – so excited about being kid free for the moment, crisis free for the moment, not a meeting scheduled in sight until the afternoon, and colleagues preoccupied other things – that I actually have TIME to blog and read my junk email that I enjoy. NOOOO get your minds out of the gutter – not THAT kind of junk email.. heehee.

This is awareness week for ADHD. Totally a catch all phrase and diagnosis in today’s times most definitely! However, having been someone who walked in a special educator’s shoes for 10 years and having been married to a special educator for 13 going on 14… and having my oldest who is 12 actually be diagnosed with learning disabilities – dysgraphia and dyslexia, as well as ADD (I don’t think he has the H in there too) I felt totally remiss to find this in my email today! Wow!!

Sure lots of things can be dietary and environmental. BUT – they can also be directly related to brain function and development and genetics. Zach, our 12 year old, had breath holding problems as a little guy. His breath holding wasn’t purposeful by any stretch. He would get upset and cry and then just not be able to catch his breath. He would turn blue. We would freak out with panic and worry. My mother in law actually taught us to blow softly in his face and it would snap him into taking a breath. Thank goodness for mothers’ in law with strategies that work!! It would work! However, one time, while he was at daycare, we were not so lucky. Zach, my sweet little man of 15 months, actually caused himself to pass out and then went into convulsions. The babysitter immediately called 911 and by the time everyone was there to rescue him – he was awake and breathing and fine. He probably was only not breathing for a few seconds – much less than a minute. However, it was horrifying for all of us – and we took him immediately to our pediatrician and were launched into a series of tests – MRIs, EEGs (is that the right initials?), etc for him to make sure he didn’t have a seizure disorder.

All was fine. Zach was healthy. He wasn’t found to have epilepsy or anything else wrong. Thank God! Our baby boy would be ok.

Fast forward to kindergarten and my mom and I were working with Zach on reading… easy kinds of things that involve “word stems”… you know where you look at -ig and add w to make wig, and p to make pig, and tw – to make twig. No matter how many of those we tried – the rhyming and everything, nothing ever clicked. We tried sounding things out and showing him how we were problem solving it and nothing clicked. This was over a period of weeks. In my special education teacher heart, I knew something was wrong. Dave and I pushed together for a diagnosis in 1st grade – and were told even that is uncommon and too early -BUT thankfully the school psychologist was young and new in his field and…. even did research on the breath holding. It CAN and DOES become connected with learning disabilities and ADD because of the oxygen deprivation to the brain.

Ok… I realize this is a super long post… and I had in no way meant to ellaborate this much…BUT my main message was meant to be this… DON’T believe everything the media says about ADHD/ADD. Take the time to learn more for yourself. Follow your gut instincts about your kids. Advocate for them. Zach today is a super successful reader – and working on grades that are almost all A’s and B’s. He has to work his BUTT off – and he does have to stay after for tutoring. He does need us to redirect him alot to stay focused – even on chores and stuff. BUT! Computer gaming? Learning games and videos on things he is interested in? Laser focus. Its now just his mom and dad we need to worry about staying focused and getting things done ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you take some time to explore this site, My ADHD. Com – and ADD Warehouse. Amazingly good books, and online resources – and even an online conference this weekend… hmmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers to knowledge and good doctors, and teamwork and family as well as all the love and support it takes to get through things like this.

an ADHD roadmap... cool tool

an ADHD roadmap... cool tool


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