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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Again with the radio therapy… sorry folks.. my life is filled with commute and my commute is filled with music. The louder the better. Keeps me sane in the 45 minutes of stop and go traffic one way.

A new song and a really old song crossed my path today. The first – the really new song – caught my attention because it had to do with Johnny Cash and “Ring of Fire.” Dave used to always sing “Ring of Fire” to our sweet babies as he changed their diapers when they had bad diaper rash…. !!!LOL!!! Poor things. Anyway – the more I listened to the words, I really liked it.

BUT before that I had 2 songs that really took me back. The first was one that took me 1/2 a lifetime back – to my first real love breaking up with me… yes… that drummer man… he dedicated this song to me on the radio… sigh… I apologize in advance for the big hair 🙂

Then… taking me back to being a little kid… and just having a good laugh… was this… Can’t you JUST PICTURE those 70’s polyester pantsuits? And yet… the words… kinda make you pause when you get past all the goofy-ness of the flashback…

AND… if you have read this long… THIS is THE You Tube video to watch!!!



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