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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

I opened my email today while talking to my mom and getting the full scoop on day 1 of Flagstaff’s Open Studios. It was a really busy day with well over 100 visitors and art admirers (well I suppose they would all be admirers, right?) stopping by. With over 70 framed prints and originals, matted wrapped prints and small originals in a bin, and loose and packaged cards for sale, my parents’ small condominium was transformed into a storefront.

Summer Blanket at the Peaks

Summer Blanket at the Peaks

I shared with her that I had made a bold move and blogged about her work yesterday. I only thought that was fair because I linked to her site and figured eventually google would give me away 🙂 Always best to turn yourself in first, right? Also, my “imaginary Second Life and blogger friend” Parker Janick had taken the time to really explore her website and became inspired in what she found. She is a RL author you know, but I have not disclosed her RL name until I get her permission.

Through Waters Eyes
Taking a step
I walk through
Soft music lulling,
Gliding me
Entwining with color
Bright, happy, sweet
A gallery of
Magic, beauty, love
Butterflies and paper-whites
From mountain, field, stream
Drawling me further
Into a watercolor world.

September 21, 2008
~ Parker Janick

My mom doesn’t have internet at this time at the condo, nor does she have time today to read email or blogs. She is in day 2 of Open Studios and the 2nd day/final day of an event is always harder than the first – you are a little more tired, and a little more anxious that the event meets your expectations. She was, however, totally flattered that someone would take the time to explore her site and be so inspired as to write a poem about it. Parker’s words were “well, it isn’t Browning…” but either way… how often do you find poetry written about you!?!?!

My mom has had some amazing additional interactions with her art admirers that she will be sharing in an upcoming e-newsletter. I am prodding her too to build a web storefront so she can sell her work online, as well as in all the physical locations she currently now works so hard to contribute to – galleries, spas, restaurants, etc. I also think there is quite a world beyond the art loving community in Arizona and know you all can help me in spreading the word of her talent.

Perry Mesa Shards

Perry Mesa Shards


Burden Basket Carriers

Burden Basket Carriers

Who KNOWS! Maybe I’ll even talk her into being a featured SL artist at the Bistro Olive 🙂 I can’t really imagine her at a virtual artist opening – but it might be possible. Her favorite CD these days is the Mamma Mia Soundtrack. I know I could get at least Blissie and Bradley to attend, if we featured those showtunes, right? I know she’ll be reading this at some point, so I hope she laughs at that thought and knows I can explain more about the Bistro and all Dave and I have been up to for months in our Second Lives… I think she might have to sit down though, because it might blow her mind to realize we’ve been managing a fine dining, art gallery, musical event locale since late summer 🙂 (Shameless unrelated to mom’s art plug – come by the Bistro and see the in-world photography work from Flatkin’s Studio – the talents of Eliza Flanagan & Timber Watkins!)

Cheers to doing what you love and loving what you do! I am back to my online coursewriting homework and then will reward myself with some Second Life in a while.


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