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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters



The worst of the storm has passed.  Layoffs and rifts at work are over for a few months anyway.  Grants are submitted, papers are turned in, Fall break is here.  WE MADE IT to FALL BREAK!!  The pressure cooker is done and we can take the lid off – for at least this week.  

I shared with my boss yesterday everything that happened between the time I left the office Thursday evening and the time I returned to the office Friday a.m. and she was awestruck.  News of a home invasion in our neighborhood, Simon throwing a fit and acting like an angry donkey digging hooves in while the bus and 15 other cars were all waiting, bills…  the list goes on.  Some days I feel like I need to carry a note with me everywhere I go that reminds me to BREATHE.  

Breathing deeply starts now.  Migraine in the night – I think a stress hangover result – and now with a quieter week in the forecast ahead – possible rain this weekend – kids and Dave off for Fall break…  I’m ready to just enjoy.

The kids are watching “Happy Feet,” Noah is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, I can blog and Plurk and sneak into SL for a few.  Yordie sent me a LM for a Game Show SIM last night that I can’t wait to explore. We have a new artist exhibit pending at the Bistro.  Life is good.  Maybe I’ll even finally get some time to think about and watch “What the Bleep” that Crighton is always raving about.

Cheers to making in through the storm and enjoying the calm.  Even if it is just the eye of the storm, I know it will be ok. 



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