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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters


Gem in Burning Life

Gem in Burning Life

Today was an amazing day.. Mikki & LoVolt got married, the ceremony and reception were beautiful, the music was good as always – how can it not be – Cataplexia Numbers and Borday Moo, and then we had Sunday Blue Olive to polish off a brutally packed social day.  It was the best.  Good people.  Good Music.  No calorie super high prim food!  Hoooo!

But then… in the quiet of the end of my SL Day… I remembered I had been remiss in stopping in to see Cataplexia and Taliesin’s Burning Life sim.  I am soooooo glad I did!  Talk about a perfect end to a perfect day.  How can you not think it perfect when you can end it by meditating on a green egg?

In all seriousness, I share this beautiful quote from the equally beautiful Cataplexia, about their creation:

 I would lose myself in the colorful stories and images of Dr Seuss, and dreamed of living in a world like that, where everything was bright and pretty and filled with sing -song rhymes. These childhood memories have influences my art and poetry immensely, and sometimes even now I dream of that place, that beautiful magical care-free place.

There are good things in Second Life.  Take some time to find them.  Finding out who and where… makes it all worth it!


Good Night Sam I Am

Good Night Sam I Am


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