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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

There are 2 things I try to do always – every day – even if just a little. Thank people for the things they do. Big and small. Little thank you’s like for holding the elevator or picking something up off the floor for you you dropped. Big thank you’s for things like helping get all little ones out the door on time. Big thank you’s for days off and unexpected naps and some time to just rest.

And giving – whether it is of your time, of some kind words, of big efforts that cost nothing, or of money. The more you give, the more you get back. As long as you are giving without expecting in return.

We celebrated “Spanksgiving” on Saturday evening last weekend. I was late. We have festivities in RL that made me late. We had purposely decided to keep it small because we have felt overburdened with events lately… the “we” being Blissie and I. I felt badly though being so late… I didn’t mean to have it be small and then seem unimportant.

So it has me thinking. It has me thinking about all the bumps and jostles and thrills and laughs of the last year. SL has helped awaken things in me – in my soul that I thought had faded away. Silliness and laughter that I didn’t feel day to day. Great music and just hanging out. Friends who ask me how my day was. My RL is full… full to overflowing with beautiful children and an incredible husband. And I don’t want to make it sound like that isn’t fun and fulfilling and everything that it is a million times over. But… I had lost myself in being a mom, being a working mom, and the achieve achieve ladder of success had almost sucked me dry.

I rarely wrote anymore. I rarely listened to music I enjoyed. I rarely let myself daydream about what I used to be or what I someday would be again. My creative outlet was locked up tightly inside writing online courses and dreaming up ways to entice teachers to use online resources. Not exactly a soul fulfilling practice.

So what has SL done? SL has helped me remember that I love to write. I love to create. I love to photograph things at a view someone else might not have had. I love to shop – God, how I love to shop. and I love how easy it all is to clean up when you’re done. Take it all down, wipe the slate clean and start all over again. I love the people I have met here. I love what it has taught me about myself. I love that it has made me thankful for the 14 yr RL partner in crime I have and that he can let loose and dress up as a hot woman if he feels like it. I love that my kids ask about our SL friends and sometimes seem to enjoy them as much as we do. RL is hard enough. Sometimes a diversion is just what the doctor ordered. (assuming bills get paid, the house stays relatively clean, and all homework gets done, of course)

So… thinking back to Thanksgiving 2007 and the kitchen conversation with Borday and Blissie a year ago. Our SLives are so different and yet so much the same. Thanksgiving 2008 will find us in different places and yet there are still ties that bind us all. I am so thankful for each of you. Enjoy that turkey, slip into a coma and join me for Christmas decorating after the holiday. Travel safe. Come back refreshed and ready for hooooing and who knows what else 🙂


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