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Monthly Archives: December 2008

SL Peace On Earth Grid-wide Hunt

SL Peace On Earth Grid-wide Hunt

So I decided today it was never too late to start. Sure I heard about the hunt… and yes… I blew it off. I figured… another SL hunt? I just don’t have the energy to pull that off in December along with everything else.

But you may or may not know I’m putting together the PBS Teachers Holiday Hunt and figured if I am encouraging others to participate in that… I should be open to others going on in SL simultaneously. The more I read about this hunt… this Peace on Earth hunt… the more I liked about it.

It isn’t the typical scavenger hunt. It includes hundreds of business and establishment owners across various sims on SL. And each location includes 1 globe. Inside the globe is a gift and then the LM to the next location. Along the way I try to make a few purchases as well – supporting those vendors who are encouraging peace.

How can you NOT agree with the mission of this hunt? I learned yesterday that there are over 25,000 SIMS now on SL! That boggles my mind! The NYTimes.Com published an interesting article that happened to cross my path yesterday that gave me incredible inspiration for the coming year in Second Life… and how that intertwines with my work life in RL. In the coming year, I hope to bring more and more professional development for educators in my daily work, into Second Life. It was a dream I had over a year and a half ago. Some dreams take longer to bring to fruition – but the pieces are finally all coming together.

What do all those 25,000 sims look like? The Second Life Postcard Map will offer you a bird’s eye view. It makes me feel very small. It makes my travels in SL seem very few. It reminds me there is still so much to be learned and experienced.

So… why take on another hunt in SL? I figure there must be some incredible gems in the 350+ world peace globes sprinkled throughout the grid. Join me! It’s never too late – but it does all end on December 31, 2008. Enjoy and plan out all your incredible travels across the grid for 2009 at the same time!

It’s Second Life after all, why limit yourself?



A Beautiful Place To Think About Resolutions

A Beautiful Place To Think About Resolutions

I hardly ever blog at night. Normally I’m too busy multitasking with the kids and hostessing a gig and plurking and cleaning the kitchen up after dinner and and and…

But this evening… I’m up in our bed… snug under the covers with 2 snoring twins next to me. Ok… really only Rachel is snoring and Simon is hanging on to the bitter end… and watching the Upside Down Show.

We cleaned a lot this morning. Having a houseguest always seems like a good reason to clean. Between the holidays and guests and travels, it has been hard to tell recently whether I was coming or going… until yesterday. Yesterday I felt a wave of serenity and a sense of well-being I hadn’t felt in some time. I felt so happy about how Christmas went… how events went we had planned… how the end of 2008 would come to a close.

Its time… and I know it is time… to start thinking about resolutions. 2009 is going to be an incredible year. I think it will be incredible on so many levels – personally, professionally, financially, spiritually – for those I love as well as myself. 2008 was incredibly difficult. Things that only took one try seemed to take 10. I faced incredible depths of depression and frustration and personal challenges I never imagined. I came out better for it on the other side though… survived and tried to learn from each of the challenges I faced. Otherwise – what is the point?!

So the next few days… as I count down to 2009… despite the craziness with our kitchen sink and our 2nd son’s birthday and the Christmas clean up… I am going to make sure and take some time to really thoughtfully plan my resolutions. I have stumbled around for many many years enjoying so much good fortune but last year really made me stop and take notice. Maybe I’m just getting too old to stumble around any more.

Resolutions… some things to think about… some things to dream for… some things to make my heart dance and soul soar… some things to help make the world a better place…

Not sure where it will lead me… I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Holiday Quiz Anyone? Got family and cheer issues both covered 🙂 Only the brave will be willing to see what their results are.

I am quite curious about my own results. I first took the sweater quiz and decided I just wasn’t in the cardigan kind of mood – so I moved on. I took the soup quiz too and decided chicken noodle was really just for when I’m sick so I moved on from there too.

I awoke this morning at 6 am all on my own. As I opened my eyes, I felt relief and just overwhelming calm to know the holidays have passed. The relative extravaganza is behind me; the Christmas school programs and gifts for teachers is now a year away. If I feel like sitting around all day and playing online or watching my kids enjoy the Wii, that is ok.

Cheers to our families. Without them we wouldn’t have our holiday traditions or our favorite holiday foods. I love mine dearly. I’m glad to have a day though… even if it is just a day… to breathe and enjoy the air fresh from rain and snuggle under a fleecy blanket on the couch in the family room. Oh… and a big cup of coffee with carmel creamer is nice to have nearby too.

Happy Boxing Day! (that’s Canadian you crazed sports fanatics… hee hee)

You Feel Humbled By Your Family

You feel a bit overwhelmed by and resentful of your family right now. This is a good moment for you to take some time away from them.

You feel like some members of your family are too unhappy. These family members tend to create unhappiness for everyone else.

You’ve improved your family relationships through introspection. You always look at your own behavior first, and you’ve made changes to how you act.

You get teased a lot by your family. You usually don’t mind being the butt of jokes, but sometimes you feel picked on.

And just in case you weren’t ready to give up on the holidays just yet… here is some cheer. I liked these results 🙂 I guess the Grinch Party at the Bistro was just a front!!

You Spread a Lot of Holiday Cheer

During the holidays, you represent the true spirit of Christmas.
You give freely, and you enjoy this special time of the year.

There’s a good chance that you spread cheer every time of the year… not just during the holidays.
You’re kind, upbeat, and generous. Anyone who crosses your path is lucky.

Cheers to 14 years and counting. Some days it seems like just yesterday we were planning our lives together… and other days… well… those aren’t worth blogging about.

Year 14 is full of all good things. Crazy kids. Pre-teen angst… and all that other stuff will be a given. The good stuff headed our way is what will knock our socks off. I just know it.


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We are never broken. In the end only kindness matters. Good prevails. Light illuminates the darkness.

These days we seem to be surrounded by dark spirits who are lurking, waiting. Let your soul breathe deeply. Soak up all that is good. There are so many things right with the world. Look into the eyes of someone you love. Really look. You’ll see what I see. You’ll find lots of amazing things right.

Enjoy this season. Don’t let it be stolen from you. Worry, doubt, insecurity… are vultures for another time.

We are never broken
We are God’s eyes
God’s hands
God’s mind
We are God’s eyes
God’s hands
God’s heart
We are God’s eyes
God’s hands
God’s eyes
We are God’s hands
We are God’s hands

I woke up the past couple of mornings with this song in my head. My dad used to sing this too me as a little girl before I would fall asleep at night. That was the routine. Brush teeth – story – and then snuggle under the covers and mom would give us backrubs sometimes and then daddy would sing us each a song. This one was always my favorite. Things have been hard recently. I think that’s why this song found its way to me again. Some things never leave your heart.

When I’m worried and I can’t sleep
I count my blessings instead of sheep
And I fall asleep counting my blessings
When my bankroll is getting small
I think of when I had none at all
And I fall asleep counting my blessings

I think about a nursery and I picture curly heads
And one by one I count them as they slumber in their beds
If you’re worried and you can’t sleep
Just count your blessings instead of sheep
And you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings

I still have my dad around. I’ll have to remind him of this song. That, and Scarlet Ribbons, will always soothe troubled thoughts and make for sweeter dreams.

Happy Weekend before Christmas everyone. I hope the spirit of the season finds you and touches your heart as well.







End a quarrel.

Seek out a forgotten

Friend. Dismiss suspicion,

And replace it with your trust.

Write a love letter. Share some

Treasures. Give a soft answer. En-

Courage youth. Manifest your loyalty in

Word and deed. Keep a promise. Find the

Time. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Listen.

Apologize  if you were wrong.        Try to understand.

Flout envy. Examine your demands on others. Think

First of someone else. Appreciate. Be kind; be gentle. Laugh

A little. Laugh a little more. Decry complacency. Express your

Gratitude. Go to Church. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart

Of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak

Your love. Speak

It again. Speak

It still once






I can’t take credit for this.  It fatefully found its way to my email inbox… but I thought it was worth sharing.  ‘Tis the season after all.  



One of my very favorite Christmas songs… seems to fit too.