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A Beautiful Place To Think About Resolutions

A Beautiful Place To Think About Resolutions

I hardly ever blog at night. Normally I’m too busy multitasking with the kids and hostessing a gig and plurking and cleaning the kitchen up after dinner and and and…

But this evening… I’m up in our bed… snug under the covers with 2 snoring twins next to me. Ok… really only Rachel is snoring and Simon is hanging on to the bitter end… and watching the Upside Down Show.

We cleaned a lot this morning. Having a houseguest always seems like a good reason to clean. Between the holidays and guests and travels, it has been hard to tell recently whether I was coming or going… until yesterday. Yesterday I felt a wave of serenity and a sense of well-being I hadn’t felt in some time. I felt so happy about how Christmas went… how events went we had planned… how the end of 2008 would come to a close.

Its time… and I know it is time… to start thinking about resolutions. 2009 is going to be an incredible year. I think it will be incredible on so many levels – personally, professionally, financially, spiritually – for those I love as well as myself. 2008 was incredibly difficult. Things that only took one try seemed to take 10. I faced incredible depths of depression and frustration and personal challenges I never imagined. I came out better for it on the other side though… survived and tried to learn from each of the challenges I faced. Otherwise – what is the point?!

So the next few days… as I count down to 2009… despite the craziness with our kitchen sink and our 2nd son’s birthday and the Christmas clean up… I am going to make sure and take some time to really thoughtfully plan my resolutions. I have stumbled around for many many years enjoying so much good fortune but last year really made me stop and take notice. Maybe I’m just getting too old to stumble around any more.

Resolutions… some things to think about… some things to dream for… some things to make my heart dance and soul soar… some things to help make the world a better place…

Not sure where it will lead me… I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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