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SL Peace On Earth Grid-wide Hunt

SL Peace On Earth Grid-wide Hunt

So I decided today it was never too late to start. Sure I heard about the hunt… and yes… I blew it off. I figured… another SL hunt? I just don’t have the energy to pull that off in December along with everything else.

But you may or may not know I’m putting together the PBS Teachers Holiday Hunt and figured if I am encouraging others to participate in that… I should be open to others going on in SL simultaneously. The more I read about this hunt… this Peace on Earth hunt… the more I liked about it.

It isn’t the typical scavenger hunt. It includes hundreds of business and establishment owners across various sims on SL. And each location includes 1 globe. Inside the globe is a gift and then the LM to the next location. Along the way I try to make a few purchases as well – supporting those vendors who are encouraging peace.

How can you NOT agree with the mission of this hunt? I learned yesterday that there are over 25,000 SIMS now on SL! That boggles my mind! The NYTimes.Com published an interesting article that happened to cross my path yesterday that gave me incredible inspiration for the coming year in Second Life… and how that intertwines with my work life in RL. In the coming year, I hope to bring more and more professional development for educators in my daily work, into Second Life. It was a dream I had over a year and a half ago. Some dreams take longer to bring to fruition – but the pieces are finally all coming together.

What do all those 25,000 sims look like? The Second Life Postcard Map will offer you a bird’s eye view. It makes me feel very small. It makes my travels in SL seem very few. It reminds me there is still so much to be learned and experienced.

So… why take on another hunt in SL? I figure there must be some incredible gems in the 350+ world peace globes sprinkled throughout the grid. Join me! It’s never too late – but it does all end on December 31, 2008. Enjoy and plan out all your incredible travels across the grid for 2009 at the same time!

It’s Second Life after all, why limit yourself?



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