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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

No matter what you believe… I find it VERY hard to not think that somewhere, somehow there is an angel or a whole host of angels watching out for us. Kissing my children goodbye in the morning I say “Blessings on you” along with the kiss on the tops of their heads or the squeeze of their leg as they get out of the car. Life is harder some days than others and we need to speak good words, blessings if you will, over each other to help us make the road a little smoother.

I was reminded late last week how short life is when I heard two separate stories of parents losing their children. Both were tragic losses – one of a 9 year old – and one of a 37 year old. Both unexpected. Both leaving families with holes in their hearts that will never go away. “The new normal” will form their lives from now on without that family member.

I won’t pretend to know what that is like. I have lost loved ones, but never a child. I would think the pain would be almost unbearable for a long long time.

I heard today in a meeting that now more than ever people have an extremely high level of skepticism and mistrust. I thought about the people who have confided in me about these deaths of their sweet babies (yes even at 37 I imagine you are or were still someone’s baby).

I was thinking how ironic that trust statement was because we put trust in things and people we never even think twice in, day in and out: school bus drivers, teachers, doctors, nurses. We just give them a nod or trust blindly without ever seeing them that they will do the right thing by us and those we love.

Do I put that same kind of faith and trust in myself? Is it simply put upon the shoulders of angels to help me make it through? Life is so short. Moments pass so quickly. Some times we are trapped in situations that seem unimaginable. Some times we feel as if we are all alone at the bottom of a big hole with nothing to help us out but a little bit of light at the top. I think today, as I grapple with all these pieces, I think about that deep hole. I think about those little ones I love so much. And, I think about the need to just put the faith and trust in something bigger than me.

It would be nice to have my dad tell me everything will be ok. I know if I asked him, he would tell me that, in a heartbeat. It would be nice to have him give me a hug and sing me a song and me to just soak up his love and support… knowing everything will be ok.

Goodnight, My Angel - Billy Joel

Goodnight, My Angel - Billy Joel

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