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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters



Cancel Cancel just didn't seem to cut it 😦

Simon and I are snuggling under the blankets and hunkered down on the couch. Ok… honestly? He ditched me for and a few rounds of random games and I’m under the covers watching Today and giving some much-overdue attention to my blog. I even PAID appropriately for the use of this cartoon.

My boss was very sweet. She wrote in ALL CAPS back to me yesterday to tell me in no certain terms – DO NOT COME TO WORK if you have a fever again tomorrow. This week was action packed too – with recording scripts for flash animation curricular activity objects, council meetings for statewide activities… and 3 or 4 reports due by Friday 1/30. I just remembered a conference too – a presentation on Saturday… so maybe I really only have to count 2 days as sick days? Either way… my life doesn’t have TIME for the flu or the ick or whatever it is. I suppose though… if being sick is like anything else I do in my life -it is done in over-the-top achieve achieve style and I take 3 days+ not just 1.

Ok… so what’s the problem? Really? My husband always says I feel enough guilt to have born both Jewish and Catholic. I wouldn’t have accumulated 7+ weeks of paid sick leave and 6+ weeks of paid vacation had I had a better balance and grasp of pace. For some reason… most of the time… I insist on sprinting through life… gasping and running out of energy… resting briefly and then sprinting again. (Obviously metaphorically because if I was this kind of sprinter I wouldn’t need to be so envious of my SL ass shape – LOL sorry – should have warned you a crude comment very un-kimala like was coming).

So here I sit. My fingers seem to have no trouble finding the keys so hopefully my head will stay focused… the smorgusboard of drugs will kick in (all legal of course) and my little 5 year old friend will settle in for a quiet day. a QUIET day. of TV… of soup for lunch… of juice to drink…

Wish me luck. Cheers to achieve achieve… even when styled sick.


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