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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Regardless of your thoughts and opinions with organized religion – there are good messages out there to be had and having been raised in a Presbyterian church with parents and grandparents that watched the Hour of Power, I find myself gravitated to those sources of support.  I like to think I’m progressive and not bound by traditional organized beliefs that there is only one “right” way to live but I do have to say…  there are some tenants that are always true.  Prayer, thankfulness, and forgiveness.

I’ve blogged before about my commute meditations and things of that sort.  I think if you have been reading my blog now for any length of time you know that I am a thinker – even an overthinker.   I am not afraid to admit I am wrong – no matter how stubborn you may think I am.  And, at the end of the day, sometimes I need a good “come to Jesus” realization that I need forgiveness and acceptance and to just let it all go.  

But there is another strategy in my spiritual toolkit I have been tapping into in the past couple of years.  I met an incredible man, a television pastor, from a distance, over the airwaves, while on bedrest and pregnant with the twins.  I found Joel Osteen.  I realize now his face is everywhere with the publication of his bestsellers and his nationwide tours – but at the time he was virtually unknown to me anyway.  We didn’t meet in person – let me make sure my subtleties are not lost.  But he became a leader to me that I knew I needed to listen to and learn from.

He introduced me to some additional concepts that over time have become invaluable to my spiritual toolkit:

  • Blessings – I have written before about this.  Never leave your children or those you love without saying blessings on them.  Let your last words be loving and reassuring.  We do not know what lies ahead and we always want God to bless those we love.  I do this every morning to each of my family members.  Noah even yells it through the house as we leave to his big brother who stays behind for the next bus time.  Habits… some can be good.
  • Spoken Words Have Power – It is one thing to think something.  It is another to speak something out loud.  Once you utter words out loud – in sound or in print – you have given them power.  It is a step beyond just thinking them.  Thinking them is an entry point but speaking them puts them out into the universe.  I jest about cancel cancel but that boyfriend’s mom of mine was right on target with that idea.  Don’t let words out you don’t want out.  It is extremely hard to truly cancel cancel.
  • Step Up To The Banquet Table – Everyone has an equal shot at abuandance.  Everyone.  No one is excluded.  No one is unworthy.  If life isn’t giving you all that you need right now, step up and find your seat.  I just love this idea.  When I find my thinking to be small… when I think about not being worthy… when I feel insecure… I remind myself to step up.  Why not? What have you got to lose?  Honestly what makes you different than other people other than the decimal places in their bank account?  We all have belly buttons. We are all human.  We all need the same basic elements to survive.  Step up.  There is a place for EVERYONE.  I used this on my dad a couple years ago.  I thought for sure he’d disown me.  He was struggling to give up an old truck he’d had for years and it was tied to many things that he had loved and dreams that had not died but been waylayed for a while.  He listened… he stepped up.  And, he still loves me 🙂 whew!
  • Expect the Supernatural!  All things are possible!  This is TRUE.  If you choose to not believe this I challenge you to try something – a simple test.  Pray a simple prayer.  Ask for some silly help.  If you are late, ask to supernaturally be there on time.  If you think there will be no parking spots, ask to supernaturally find a spot.  If you are out of money, ask to supernaturally find a way to pay your bills.  Now don’t get me wrong – this element goes hand in hand with all the rest.  You have to be thankful and forgiving and prayerful and really believe.  But if you have all those other things happening- honestly nothing is impossible.  God, our higher power, El Shaddai, our Father… He wants us to know He is there and He wants us to tap into His powers.  Why not ask?  What have you got to lose?

So… by now… if you aren’t religious you probably think I’ve lost it.  If you aren’t Christian you probably think I’ve joined the ranks of the far right.  Think what you want.  I most certainly can’t control that.  But… I challenge you to really consider the bullets above.  No better infomercial could offer these ideas to you at such an incredible rate. 

We are surrounded by despair these days.  Financially the world seems to be crumbling.  Politically the wars wage in countries with the oppressed and the power hungry.  Even within our own, the divisiveness seems to continue to thrive despite all the powerful messages of Change we have been asked to embrace.  

Life is hard.  Life is messy.  And, mine seems to have extra servings of clutter.  Six people in one house make for a lot of clutter.  But – I do know… that yesterday… in cleaning up all that clutter…. in the quiet of the house I had to myself between bus stop runs with the kids and meetings in the community… I thought through all those bullets and I uttered a lot of words out loud.  I gave life to a lot of things and I prayed for abundance and supernatural.  I had someone ask me later if I had done a few drugs to find some of that pep.  I was faced with some really difficult news later in the day but I was able to take it in stride and provide some support for those I love who weren’t taking the news as well.  I was able to honestly complete some serious work tasks in 2 days rather than 5 because of my sick days this past week.  Supernatural baby. Why not tap in?

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