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Playing with Photography

Playing with Photography

A much overdue Sunday field trip to Elements in Design! I have been thinking about this sim recently. One of the last things Bigd and I did when we still owned Tortuga Island was visit Elements in Design. I rezzed giant boxes and plastered my SL photography all over it. I was kinda shy about it but people gave me lots of compliments.

I just love the work of Gwen Carillon’s work and find her sim an incredible inspiration. I made sure to check with her today on taking photos. I am all about the protection of content rights and would never want anyone to think I’m trying to take credit. In fact, I’d encourage you to visit… but not so much that her sim loses its serenity.

Sunday field trips. One of my first loves in SL. Exploring incredible works of average people. Laughing with friends and just general craziness. Nothing organized. Nothing required. Participation optional and AFK always an option. Real life intertwined with the fun of SL. Our family in SL was formed this way. I was reminded of that yesterday as I laughed and laughed during a skybox “futbol” (soccer) game with Bigd and Clynt and Blissie. The game was filled with taunting and gestures and… surprise, surprise… outfit changes. It was competitive. I was worried I’d hurt my keyboard from pushing on the arrow keys so hard. I was most excited about the coordinating soccer player outfits Blissie and I had. We ARE the hottest soccer players around I think!

So today was a continuation of that rediscovered joy. A little coffee and blues with Bigd at Savoy and then off to Elements. The best part of exploration is that we just know when to wander alone and when to come back together. We share photos and soak up the sights.

I’m looking to enter the collage collections into the upcoming Bistro exhibit on Discovery and I hope you’ll consider entering something as well. But in the meantime, I hope you’ll just enjoy soaking up what weekends and Sundays and, most importantly, Second Life is all about: friendships, family, laughter, and beauty.



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