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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

My day started off as the average Tuesday morning with the usual rush around and herding of cats, a.k.a. my children. Nothing unusual. Everyone kept their brains engaged the entire time. We sang our little hearts out in the car on the way to the bus stop – ok… really just me… and Noah quickly turned off the car stereo as we approached seeing/hearing distance of possible pre-teen ears.

I have a group of other parents that join me in sending their kids off to school in the morning. I have grown to really enjoy my conversations with them in the morning – just 5-10 minutes or so – but enough over the course of the school year to this point that I have gotten to know them and enjoy laughing with them about parenting and elementary kids and bus stop/school year antics.

One of the bus stop parents happens to be the vice mayor of our town/suburb. He has lots of great contacts and I have enjoyed having the ability to discuss issues from time to time as they come up – in as much as you can discuss in 5-10 minutes. This morning though was different. This morning I shared the name of a boy my son had given me in confidence that is advertising himself as a gang member. My son saw what I did – very quietly – and of course panicked. The good news is the bus stop parent took action almost immediately as he saw one of his police friends drive by. He told me they would refer the name to the school resource officer and just have a conversation with the “new kid” at school. Honestly, I don’t want gang recruiting in my neighborhood – or anywhere for that matter – and I have always been scared to death of my own kids facing gang issues now living in such a large metropolitan area. I suppose if I hadn’t taken action, who would?

Then I drove to work… belted out the songs again and got myself into a better place. As I came down the stairs in the parking garage and exited into a rush of cold air (yes 45 degrees IS cold when it is damp and you live in a desert used to 110 so NO LAUGHING). I looked up and a homeless man was locking up his bicycle and belonging on the bike rack just inside the garage entry. I walked a few more yards and stopped. I opened my purse on a bench and dug out the Starbuck’s gift card I had some money remaining on. I don’t know how much but I think at least $5-7. I went back and made eye contact with the man. I handed him the card and said – its really cold, I bet you could use a hot drink. He returned my eye contact and with gloved hands said – oh cool, thank you so much. He seemed almost giddy. He finished locking up his bike as I briskly walked away feeling so good about helping someone.

I came in and my co-worker said… uh oh I’m sure Starbuck’s will thank you for that. Ha Ha. Honestly, he looked clean. He was just dressed very warmly and needed a hair/beard trim. BUT, I see people like that all the time in the university setting and they are students!

If I hadn’t done that for him today, would someone else have done that? I was always told charity begins at home and today I couldn’t feel that more. I found this then in my email as I sifted through what was junk and what was work. I’m going to take a copy home today. For some reason, I can never hear these phrases enough… and it seems to fit doesn’t it? Take care of each other. No matter what kind of family member you are… a family that can be tax deductible or a family that just has randomly grouped together in a crazy SL world… take care of each other. If you don’t, who will?

Thank you Crisis Center... Good stuff!

Thank you Crisis Center... Good stuff!



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