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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

Yesterday afternoon my conservative colleague got very excited because I opposed an idea for giving expensive technology items away in drawings at a conference. I didn’t oppose giving them away if people became members (paying us for a chance to win) but I did oppose just giving them away. Come on people… nowadays when I am surrounded by everyone needing something and no one giving away anything without strings attached… why should we? I know this completely flies in the face of my post yesterday… but I’m not talking about homeless… I’m talking about those who can contribute and should.

Later on in the evening I was faced with another handout situation I had to deal with. On SL, a musician I was trying to recruit for our event on Saturday literally asked me to help him fundraise 300,000L so he could afford to buy a new computer. I was incredibly disgusted. This is a musician I enjoy. He is incredibly talented. He even lives in my home town. BUT he proceeded to tell me how he was mooching internet off of others in his building via wireless and was using a Mac G4 to go on SL. Now… honestly… it DOES NOT say stupid on my forehead. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? Would a G4 even have capabilities enough to go on SL? I scratch my head and think… come ON I can be naive… but not STUPID. I used G4’s in my yearbook production lets see… back in 1997-1999??? Maybe 2001 at the latest. Oh who knows.

Anyway… it got me thinking. We have been very blessed by generosity in our RL and SL lives. You give and give and put it out there and hope to get back. Both D and I have supported many a SL club and many a SL DJ and many a SL live musician through our Linden donations. As I got to know the commerce better – after my noobish days – I realized a $20L tip was kinda small and a $100L tip was better and if they are working really hard a $200L tip is best. Give and it comes back to you. Not always in L but in other ways. Try it.

I have worked with Blissie on fundraisers and been incredibly excited about what the collective power of our rag-tag family can do. I AM one to donate to a good cause. Cancer Society – bring it on! Pennies for Peace is my next cause but that is waiting in the wings till after Saturday. Now…. donate 300,000L so some guy can get a new computer… um er… I think NOT.

I actually had to lay out for him that I pay (well me, Bigd, Willa, and Clynt) tier for a 1/4 sim, fees for DJs, fees for hostesses, plus all the other fun things that go with putting on events (and I do NOT mean that sacrastically). I LOVE SLshopping. Honestly, I find this to be my little refuge of entertainment in my hectic RLife.

I work 40+ hours a week in RL and am taking a pay cut of “furlough” days so that the job cuts won’t be as rampant across the system I work for. That means no pay for 12 days between now and June – but it doesn’t mean the work is going anywhere. I pay for health and car insurance. I pay a mortgage and utilities. I pay for clothing and food for not me but me and my husband and my FOUR children. Yes… that may be too many kids for 1 family but I love them all dearly and wouldn’t sell them for all the tea in China… even though I jest far too often about auctioning them on eBay. I give. I donate my time to RL causes. I donate dollars to organizations I believe in.

Honestly… in this era… this new era when President Obama is asking us ALL to step up and contribute to change… can you ask yourself – what are YOU contributing? HOW are YOU making a difference? No more free lunches. STEP UP. CONTRIBUTE. GET OFF YOUR BUTT. DO SOMETHING. We can’t afford to have any capable, healthy American who is no longer in school (high school I mean – and really them too) NOT contributing. If you have lost your job? Get your butt out of the house and find a way to make a difference donating your time until that job comes along.

Sorry… but… the sympathy train… the polyanna that was me… has left the building. NO MORE FREE LUNCHES. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get on with it. Ask a friend for a hand… ask ME for a hand… and I will give it to you gladly… but offer me a hand in return. We are ALL in this together!


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