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reSLience… a.k.a. resilience

it's what lies within that really matters

You’re frozen… when your heart’s not open

At a birthday party for Joaquin Gustav today, another live performer sang this… Katia Keres. She performs in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French. Just incredible voice. Beautiful accent.

A live show in SL is what the soul needs sometimes. Take time to soak one up!

Feliz Cumpleanos Joaquin!

Feliz Cumpleanos Joaquin!

Sensitive, spontaneous, realistic: Katia Keres uses the power in her voice to channel emotions…

“A song has to mean something,” she professes. “Not just the lyrics; I have to be able to feel the music as well. And her dedication to her craft is undeniable.”I devote myself entirely to the song. That is all I can think about: how to make it sound better, and to make sure that whoever hears it understands that when I sang that song I truly sang it in the best way I possibly could.”

~ Katia Keres


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